CHRIST AGONY - Daemoonseth - Act II

Urtica Diaoica Cultha

My lord
gave me the faith
brought the obsession
gave the love
tha pain
the liberation
I am in the darkness
besides me the nonentity
the god died

In the darkness
I am washing my face
with the blood
of the mute virgins
being raped for sacrifice

I am inside of you
my master
in your eyes
on your lips

Oh... master of mine
I am inside of you
as the scar of unbelief
as the might
the obsession!

I am inside of you
as the birth of sin
as the mark of hate

As the devilish mark
it's time to possess
the forces of god!

Athyrium Typha Luciferi

My eyes are the truth
my eyes are deflucing
my eyes are captivating

The power of my beauty
is inside of me
the power of my might
is inside of me

The darkness is message for my soul
I felt the blasphemous wings
I am ready to die

I am the devil's call
the liberation of unholy blood

I am the devil's call
within the crippled dream
within the burning mist
in my tongue
I am the devilish wind
the lie on the altar

I am the devil's call
my song is my blood
my song

My power stands in my soul
in my death
this is the devil's call


Oh god
I have seen my reflexion in your eyes
my face was not there
I'm a child of a devil

Oh god
look at me
this is my belief
it's me
that changes the wine into the blood
and my body
is to be eaten
by your congregation

Oh god
look at me
this is my belief

I wanted to extinguish
the candles on
my own altar
I've tried to conquer the day
which smouldered my body
I've tried the blood
from my own face
I've tried my own crown
which kneds before you, humiliated
the dark ones in hoods
have taken everything
they have trodden my ceremonies
and burned
both my god and his woman

They cried to the sky
stand up you bitch
take the wine cup and the roses
from your naked knees
cover your pure desires

I saw their scream burning
saw them licking up their tears
saw the holy night burning
stained eyes
supsended in the darkness

Crowded crosses at night
filled altars at night
the lonelyness disappears among tears
the belief is vanishing among crosses

Blood brotherhood is belief destruction
belief, that's sitting in your hips
in your hips there's a hidden fear
against the holy sign
against smell of incense
your womb
took christ
hhis ribs rubbed with your breast
lika a loft
a holy covenant has come
I know, that your hips
have taken a god
and they demand a new one

Crowded crosses at night
filled altars at night

Avasatha Pagan (Prophetical Part III)

God you were a martyr
not worth praying
your grave won't be adorned
with flowers
but with infants of blood

Satan touched the dawn
and devoted the sky
to his powers
the sky born in the blood
but out wedlock

God, I scoff at your wars
cause you graves been spat with fire
you won't be eternity
you won't be nothingness

Now satan's coronation