CASTRUM - Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise

Weeping Inside Plagued Mirrors

Bloodthirtsy pleasures fulfiled
By lecherous act in wood
My eyes lust for thee
To touch your breast below moon
Devouring impulse whishes grace
While trees sway and throw thrill
My veins bleed for you to drain them
In this crepuscular eve

She is now my bride

Inquisitive she beholds
Lightness and darkness clash
In burial-case I suffered her death
And felt the burnt flesh
Magnificience she wanted to see
Her desire and agony
Beautiful now she falls asleep
Entwined in ebony

Bizarre fear in these chambers of filth
By rising sunlight we shall feel
Benighted shadows - bemoan wolves
It seems they wilt
For something that once we have lost
"HER INNOCENCE" ...dark is my will...

She will always be
Within my plagued eyes
Inside elysian waived weeping sky
Ghosts and wraiths moan
Serenade of night

Beloved Mirna - Angelic flight
Behind the mask of dusk
Sunrise she scorns
Queen of lycantrophy, moonlight and woe

Farewell my princess
Light endowed to thee dress of dawn
Our love must die in midnight sins
We are torn asunder by his sunrising crown

Dulcet lips I will never again kiss
Below cobwebly entwined breeze
With darkness enclosed on thy sea and shore
I shall love you eternaly... forever more...

Winter quietly knits nupital dress of snow
And wakes up lust written in send
Awhile my pupils red glow
In black heart of night I am condemned

On her dead lips
I am laying down the petals of a rose
And releasing from the shores of my heaven
Where angel cries
In dark winterskies
She shall breathe in each fall
As I walk through them.

My eyes are living ember
Which is weeping upon her soul
In this land of cobweb
Love will never again grow
Winter is bringing gentle touch of princess hand
Dolorous... in eyrie
Immortal there I stand

Fallen bride is all that I see
She shall come to plug-out the pain
Enthralled with beauty in her swirl... again
As winter whispers I remain

This nocturnal art
Is yet undone
Waiting for innocence
To enter and run
Through our woods
Of this nature unbound
Drained flesh
Rising sunlight shall find
Behind blue hell
Black candles we hold
Those who desecrate our kingdom
Dark shall enfold...

Push away me from their cliff
On shores of emptiness
Again we shall arose within
Asleepen waves and veins of thee

Together we shall awake within
Asleepen waves and veins of thee

A Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares

Opus 1: Veiled with Threads one Age before

Grief and dread lurk
In this land of moodiness
Throe amd agony reign
In my pallid body
Forlorn alone in solitude
And depressed without her
I feel how I fade
No one can avoid this spell
Cold are walls of castle
Statues bewail her
Mournful is my glance
Bloodred are my tears
Love and pride
Are vanished with dawn
Light are severed threads
And entwine me in darkness

My soul is dying with her
Burning eden in my eyes
Forever she falls asleep
With kiss of solar rays

By last wintersunset
Lust opens my veins
Darkstorm invokes you
To be my bride again

Angels are suffering in crypts of dead
From their kingdom they are dethroned

Bitter in this earth
On which thistle grows
Twilight are my forests
In white winter snow
Mystic humidy winds
From Carpathia visit me
Waving boughs and blade
Whisper for those who are dead

Lucid rivers sink within me till I rise
Below moonlight amid blizzard infernal
Wolves drink my tears
Licking scalds of time
Connection of sex and dusk
We are once
With your beauty and attractiveness
I was always enthralled
And then you have one winter morning
Disappeared with forgotten dawn

Bloodred sky - tragedy sign
Lycantrophy moon
Werevolves and ghosts - creatures of night
Transylvanian doom

Opus 2: Infernal Howling through Pathless Silence

Symphony of moonlight and nightmares
Opening gates of visions
And my disaster
On grave of celestial being
Wolves howl and cry
Remember my princess these words
Again we will fly

In this theatre of silence
Where time has no sense
In endless I will see
My angel dance
Dramatic hysteria
Mirrors without reflection
Phantomic reality
Vampiric agony...

Mysterious secrets keep
Land beyond black glass
Throwned world from god
Without glimmer of hope
Eternal hunger for living blood
Nocturnal lost paradise

Majesty dawn is approaching
Pleasure of quiet pain ands
Know that you always will be
My queen of dreaming death.

Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise

Shroud me with silken joyless
Watered in lasciviousness
To obey groan of gloomy cypress
Enamoured in this darkness
And thy sensual caress
Shall resurect (un)life in me
Thus swathed in lustrous majesty
By ablaze nocturnal sea
Cling thy lips on my carotid
On ardent pleasures of misdeed
Sanguinary tears flow down the waned skin
Lement for grace yet unseen
Infuse me from the libidious fountain
Where thy children soothe their curse
Because now I see this world full of pain
Our throe no spell can avoid and reverse

Sublime moon ascends
Impure as my soul full of fervency
Her lips are bewitching me
Lucid and pure to appease despondency
And then heaven sends sadfull contagious rain
In mirrors so empty death proclaims
On my hands of time bloodred stain
Forsaken with zenith I fall in my bane

Packs are gathered
They feel what shall be
For last time mitigate my cupidity
And overlay mantle upon me
Fullfilled with cold dark kisses
Immortal carnal lechery

Sylphic voices evoke me
Within waiven heart
Our vales and woods

Abide alone in the night
And life shall lose it's meaning
For those who understand
In which dark poisoned eden
I rule as king of the damned
I want to see my last dawn
With thirsty vampiric eyes
And Ares shall sing 'pon my grave
With voice of thousand lullabies
Adhere thy adhesive lips on mine
To feel the warmness of the skies
And to vanish as black silhouette
Enfolded in sunrise

Candles slowly lose their shine
In numb eyes of (un)dead
And moon shall soon descend
Before sun treacherous red
But my death shall not break
Odium against their god
Who threw me in this percipice
And now takes everything I own
But I know that my children shall stay proud
This evil conclave I will astound
As in their dreams prayer always the same
From nethermost sea I shall be roused

Scent of winter I have always been
Which seduces thee to me
In attire sewed of snow
With lace decorated from the foamed sea
Can you hear notes of piano
And moan of those who shall dance
With song wolves on our frozen shore

Statues shaping like silent tragedy
Entangled in veil of moonlight
The same as this gothic poetry
Embraced by thee and blizzard

Bigots kill the forest
Burning what belongs to me
And I fell that I must wend
For prophecy is written to be.

Light of Christ is approaching
To erase amorphous seed
But I shall in pain restless lay
While weak and mortal enemy breathe


Thy lure and beauty shall coalesce
Our hands under arising sun
Which ones was touching scarlet ebony
But now's enfolding me.

On The Wings Of Dark Angel

Silent flow my tears
On face of ashen time
'Cause you're leaving on the paths
Of happiness and gentle innocence
And I abide to stand
As statue of past
Between foreign views
And pale forgotten avidity
Don't be frightened to tread
Through gloomy forests
'Cause once in them I've slept
Propserity and shine I've dreamed

...With ashes strewed paths vanish in infinity
Petals of once red now black rose are dying
On Earth in which darkness I am born
To obey these weeping waves of darkly seas
To attend howling of wolves in mist
And whispers of blackwinds from Carpatia.

But deep inside myself I knew
That my instant will not come
'Cause I am the silhouette of sorrow
And reality which disappears within night
Don't be afraid of ominous shadows
'Cause once with them I have danced

And learn secret of quiet pain
In coldness on my hands you can feel
In eyes of mine evilness you can see
Suffering and agony will always remain

Orgy, vine, masturbation
Below monolith of god
Redemptation and starvation
From the wolves embraced lamb

She enchants me... petrifies
Azure turns to crimson skies
I stay stoned with ghostly eyes
To watch my angel's flight
I am rebelled shadow
Upon the light
Abomination bathed
In blasphemic mouth

"Through me you pass
Into the city of woe:
Through me you pass
Into eternal pain:
Through me among
The people lost for aye...
Before me things
Create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon, ye who enter here."

Moisture and obscurity enclose me
Magnificent moonlight illuminated me
Poisoned words to me are assigned
Soul of mine is infected with lust
I'm asleep and dream your embrace
Your sweet lips I feel
And pray gods to wait
'Cause I never want to wake up

Your name winds will whisper
Till on them I ride
And your heart will moan the same
In eternal love we fall
On the wings of dark angel
Tardily I begin to melt
For the kiss of dark angel
I expire my final breath.

Beyond The Mountains Of Frozen Spell

Sometimes they come back
Pictures of known age
Which are waiting on my advent
Bitter and cold land calls me
Mountains invoke my return

Shadows will slow the path
To gates... land of dreams
When the moons become connected
Extended will be powers
Undefined spells
They shall be only mine
Winds plead me to come back
To reach the path
Through temptation fo night
'Cause throne is alone
In cold eternal kingdom

I shall be returned through infinity
There... Where mountains reach the sky
Once more that I could see
How "Order Of Dragon" ...arises

From the darkness we are sent

Visions of unknown whispers
Dusk brings silent words
And tries to remember me
That once I was there
In frozen land of sorrow
Where forever rules winter
Which I create with my departure
Ice... and eternal white horizons
Years are inaudible vanishing
Through dank and dark time
I will never find the gate
And the land of my past

In depths I heard them
Nocturnal children of dusk
Starve and plead for more
Insatiable hunger for mortal blood
In depths I deliver them
Toward heights of... sky.
Will be my guide
A path to find
I rise from my burial-ground
They're crying my name
Immortal voices from the graves
And resound the same
When I was burnt in the eyes of death.

Obscurity Within Funeral Moon

They come with shelter of sun
To desecrate master of night
With torches and poles
Slowly they descend by the stairs
In chambers of valets of death
Walking upon humidity and filth
Taking one of coffins
And dragging it on sunlight
I feel unbearable pain
By night grief rules the earth
And dark visits the land
Father I bewail you in infinity

Obscurity within funeral moon
My damnation above land so cold
Obscurity within funeral moon
Throne wrapped with eternal dusk

Overhelmed by suffering and lust for revenge
I stand on tower and invoke the ghosts
With dripping my blood I pronounce the blasphemy
Mystic words of my past and damnation

Children of death devilish sons
Phantoms of past give me the might
Traitors shall drown themselves in their own blood
Through moors they shall not see glimmer of hope

Accept my claim - kill the traitors
Leave desolation behind you
Like sign of devotion
Let fire eternal burn their icons
I want to hear their screams and see abbacy in flame

And when at last everything be over
Land shall fall asleep in dismalness and dust
Memories will be buried in time and mist
Somewhere between four stars
...of apocalyptic signs.