CARPE TENEBRUM - Mirrored Hate Painting

The Abyss's Mystic Haze

The ocean reaps with nothingless pain,
for foreign godless pass my entity sees another pray,
swirless of desolate concealment rides the waves,
where fantasies curl in the abyss's mystic maze.

Casting the signs I may, in triangular concepts I reign,
though my watcher holds the path I made.
Freaking with this orders being,
come slither through the maze.

In bewildered minds their game is played,
to see their minds so soared and mamned
and left wondering in a scripture maze of lies,
the serpent strides pass their paths to machines,
surping young watching minds through a field of chaos

Smiles coded as if entwined chemicaly through maingers away,
confession you say? 
Say the prayers and slither away
to the little whores hidden far more than egnored,
so your faith lies behind someone elses door?

Just to ponder a while, through creations divined secret chime,
to see evils dogmas created for order, 
that your evil godhead so deicvingly forseen, 
that thou are of primative being of flowing orgasmic dreams. 
Guilt the only means in societies twisted ordered scream.

The Painting

And the dream, the dream shatters
you can't run from me anymore
I've loved you with forever
as I saw you at the door.

And she screams as he tells her who she is
reaps at the void she never touched
knowing the creature writhes away
while the lust for the strains.

And he screams at you hurting his pain
remember the void touch his knife (they tell her)
touch his pain this hurt to familiar...

The drain realms suffocate
the power generates the look sees beyond
and you want to touch his painting his painting...
but the liquid is poison the poison
poisonous as the mirror you saw before
and confusion and the self rising

The confusion...
like a dark, winged reaper
that you knew it all before
that you love in the dark
that you
the look sees beyond

Mirrored In Scarry Skies

Dimensions of entities between the light perceived,
A gazing maze in creations plane, the mirrored sea unleashed,
Chaos divine with evil behind, a serpents mind crystallised,
Caressing the shadows with mind dancing signs,
Scattering through realms in fearful disguise.

For the feather is mine, astral chimes divine,
Kissing with reaper smiles, signs obey,
The infinite abyss mirrored in scarry skies,
The entity between creates the maze.

The maze of gaze through spectral coming age,
Spiritual divinity the watcher grows afraid,
A plane of sexual chemical diversions,
Perversions mirrored and mamned.

A flowing field, surrounded withering fate,
Disharmony breeds in splendour, of hate adventures,
coiled in semen creations of dream state demination,
I poison the foundation of order and procriation.

Deceiving the believers creates another gaze,
To cry, to die, try and hide this maze,
Believing the deceivers portrays their sickened race,
perceiving through dimensions of mirrored time and space.

And Forever

And she leaves you, sees you, weeping as you
thought you saw the storm, 
callous colours of drawings
without seeing in, 
the negativity a lie 
and the all deluded moonlight prescribed screaming abyss 
that mocks you until you don't know, 
while catagons breed serpents 
and the sigils weep into snakes 
and the tyrant lost of the suns gaze 
seems to kneel in a sand that they took away, 
only seeing what you are not too afraid to 
because it's all a nothing, 
a dreamscape void with wings and flight 
and he's following,
they're mocking, 
he's following, 
run and screaming through
as the temperament of linear dredging spirits itself to the flat 
our face of actually haunting a dimension, 
and we won't die, 
pain she said, 
and we won't die, 
cruel she said
and we won't die

...and forever.


Dreaming chaos screaming weeping
love this enemy, call my name
run this nightmare, freezing horizon
watchers and dancers playing the game

Here lies the heresy
and pillars we know
fantasy drying the ones down below
wiping the dust of the crystal delay
and the reapers keep sighing, scrying in their will

Tying the serpent, while the ivy crowns
dissonance, resonance
the witchers so proud
coming for endless as the dimension shimmers
dancing and seeing
the blinds failing whiter

Constant and strong
the desert so coure
the cats masturbating
with the goddess wrought
love me, love me
draw me a picture
dancing for ever like poison elixir.


Void Dress

And we reap on frathered ground
the fallen where we walk
knowledge secrets, smirking mirrors
as they lurk where
we've always thought

Drying ice in the land of gliding
ziggurats erected from writing
not written
time brgotten where time was seen
and they all use their canes

I dress in night
ans see the difference
I call the blue to spark with me
Absu porning over my shadows
lies await in ecstasy.