CARPATHIAN FOREST - Morbid Fascination Of Death

Fever, Flames And Hell

On a battlefield up north
Tons of steel united in bloodshed
Sombre men of invisible might
The fallen snow covers
All the wounds of the earth

Slaves of restriction
Remains this skeleton earth
The dust kills all sound
We're sucked into a black hole
The eyes that watched
From the top of the hill
The eyes that capture human guilt

A stiff vulture claw shows the way
To a land of mist
To a land of war
Night of torment
Fever, Flames and Hell
In the cold grip of Armageddon

Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead

You are born into bondage
You are born as a slave

What am I?
"You're a slave"
Forever submissive
Forever in holy chains

(You are) born by a whore
By a filthy cunt
Which spread disease
The disease of god

You have the ability to rise
After a fall
We await impatiently
For a divine sundown

You're a slave
Of your own restrictions
Of Christian morals
Of the book of lies

You have the ability to rise
After a fall
We await impatiently
For a divine sundown

You're a slave
Of your own restrictions
Of Christian morals
Of the book of lies

Stop being so humble
Stop showing remorse
Cut it off
The hands that feed the blind
Can you move?
With those holy chains

The grey horizon
I paint it black
See through tomorrows
Spiteful eyes

The fury of the north men
(Within) those who still believe
The holy slumber must end
(After) Thousand years of dormancy

Et spiritus sancti

Morbid Fascination Of Death

Lifeless landscapes
Dead trees up in the hills
Pure autumn bliss

In cold November
On a night of gusting wind
Clouds came down - down

Together we were beasts
We lay in the cold dusk -
Of his negligence
In the mist of the turmoil

Frozen heart
Beast of winter
Mental frost
Beast of winter
Mental frost

Through Self-Mutilation

The self-mutilation
Necrosis of the soul
Dark is the shadows of life
Hot as Hell

You take the matters into your own hands
From now on it's downhill
A single candle burns -
In the vast consuming darkness
Uplifting like a funeral

Through these years you were created
In the void between life and death
A shimmering blade shreds through his flesh
At the peak of his night - time bliss
Misanthropes, kings and queens
And a painful vision of Hell

It burns
The blisters on your hands
So nebulous, dark as December

You should be dead by now
Lost in time and space
But you push the limits further
You hate the human race


Doden er en ensom ferd
Doden er bade angst og lja
Med et glimt du skal fa se
Inn i evighetens oye

En fattig sjel
Sultet i hjel
Dodens kalde hand
Hentet knokkelmann

I solfalls ild...

Evig sovn
Nattens taketeppe
SIik sloknet en gammel flamme
Solfals ild

Du sa nei til livets sang
Gang pa gang
Tatt igjen av tidens tann
Til helvete med knokkelmann

Solfalls ild


Warlord Of Misanthropy

I have died from within
The beginning of an end
But I still stand
Seeing red
The anger made me strong

The vision was mine
Horizon becomes vast
Claim your throne
The fire turns to flames

I had it all
Before the fall
Warlords of misanthropy
Spiritual powers to foresee
Warlords of misanthropy

Warriors of the fall
Through sinful years
The hellish burden
That I was given

A World Of Bones

An evil face
The eyes so cold
The dark labyrinth of the human mind

Key to a kingdom
A world of bones
New revelation, anger is the fuel

I am a sinner
On the last dreadful day of judgement
I unbind all spirits who
Abide this hole
In symbols speaking
I woke you from the deepest dream

Open the gates
Behold your sentence
In the sign of the cross
And the crown of thorns

The precious (human) blood
Burning holy tears
Lifetime sinner
Which saw his sign
But the eyes were cold

Carpathian Forest

Three times the eclipse
Before she lays her soul to rest
Channelling the darkness of many nights
All this was once her dream

See and feel
The blackened blade of revenge

Cold white towering mountains
The passage to the land of phantoms
Deep forlorn woods
Where the gleam of neither light or
Bliss reach

The castle lies in the mist
Between the mountain and marshes
Throughout the last centuries
Have the moonshine enlightened her coffin

Black soul of the hunter

The hungering thirst
The enchantress of the night
The hungering thirst
Evil, devour its soul
Since the medieval times
Have your shadow haunted

Cold Comfort

A spirit rose from the earth
Slowly leaving...
Their candle-flame lonely, and so needing
Like dust in the night the prayers rise
Under the sick image of Christ
They talk to the nothingness
Old wounds were never mended

Something drops from the (autumn) leaves
Again it rains:
In a dry corner, salvation again declines
Sleep like a skull in the hard ground
Nothing for ears nothing for eyes
Without a shadow, waiting for nothing
The dark room, the moist tenement (of earth)

The cold kiss of release, great light
He was never man enough
In a world of cruel faces
He discovered that he was never man enough
He discovered nothing
Far above and beyond...
All in the name of god
The eyes refused to look ahead...


When we came through
The veil of the night
The fall of man
We gave you our hearts

The watcher
The sentinel
The "God" that took you away

Where ends our journey?
We slip away
And shadow falls

We gave it all
You found no god
Mankind will forever weep!!!


From the ashes he returns
Through the seal of the dark
He looks upon the enchanting moon
His lips are dry
And crave for human blood

Through all centuries
We see the horizon clearly
Deep in our hearts
Under the shelter of a tree

It lives in the well of time
The ancient dread of non-existence
Close your eyes, it leads the way
(To the) Treasure throne of memories

This is the emptiness
This is life
Make a final sign
(And) Leave the world behind