CARPATHIAN FOREST - We Are Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions

The Angel And The Sodomizer

A young catholic nun
Fucked up by a stun-gun
Life will not be like before
Scream, you christian whore

Shout it out
Don't resist
He'll sodomize
He'll slit your wrist

You are a fragile flower
So innocent and pure
Feel it in your bowel
(All) tight rectums bleeds for sure

Crying out
In misery
Stinging pain 
Oh yeah!!!

Gather the hordes of hell
Gang bang virgin mary
666 seconds in hell
Destination death

Crucified through the wrists
Naked teenage tits
Diabolical religious fanatic
Heavy downer pills and
Heroin addict
You have met the devil
A devil in disguise
Diabolical destroyer
(Just) look into his eyes...
This is a little bonus
(For the) pervertor of the soun
Bleeding from the anus
Now you're stiff and cold

I Am Possessed

"Og Du Guds lam Som Bar
All Verdens Synder."

I Am Possessed!

"Gi Kirken Tjenere Som Holder
Fast Ved Ditt OrD Bevar Oss Mot
Vranglaere Og Dodtro"

Enough is enough
You're going down
We're destroying all
Holy ground!

This is hell, this is war
Death, torture, bloodshed
And gore...

Still burns the church of faith
And carpet-bombed is the
Pearly gates!!!

"Og Du Guds lam Som Bar
All Verdens Synder."

I Am Possessed!

The lack of faith is your,
Followers of the parasite god.
Eternal death and suffering
We embrace the knowledge
Of satan!!!

Defending the throne of evil
The black flame burns
I am the voice of evil
I am possessed

Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell

Maximum evil power
Blood-sheared face of death
Cold mega engines of
Pure hate
Blood-drenched walls of
Madness and hell!!!
The fury of a thousand deaths
Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell
Blood-fuelled machinery
Conqueror of god
Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell
Satanic Poison Death
Lungs filled up with vomit
You crawl knee-deep in shit
And gore
The engines is crushing more
And more
I am the hell-commander of sin
Maximum evil satanic power
Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell

Bloodlust & Perversion

Freezing rain pours down from the clouds
Roar of a distant thunder
Awakes my thoughts
As we ride toward the
End of our fate

Our horse are carrying us
Through the winterland
Dark medieval war!

The mild breeze are getting stronger
My hands grabs the frosty sword
Through the vast winter landscape

As we enter the kingdom 
Of the unknown
With hate, death and pain
Delietful eyes

War of chaos and thunder rage
Our hands are open to welcome ther death
As our sharpened weapons
Into the battle we ride!!!

After the anger the silence began
And now the cold night approaches
From the top of the winner mountain
To ride with glory and 
Armageddish anger
With hate