CARPATHIAN FOREST - Defending The Throne Of Evil

It's Darker Than You Think

My cold goddess of the night
Squirming under my spiked fist
She's giving me all carnal delights
Submit yourself and drink my blood

I am the bringer of hate
Evil reigns supreme on earth
Defenders of the blackest faith
Which strengthen my inner glow
Mind expanding inner journey
>From a grim and bitter soul
Misanthropic violent hellblast
It's darker than you think...

For seemingly endless time
There is still blood on the old oak
This is where you come to die
Over three hundred years old
And still stretching towards the sky
The hangman's oak...

Burning, bleeding, dying
From the inside
Hitting, whipping, kicking
Tthe corpse of christ!
Reading, learning, seeing
All knowledge of evil
Watching, waiting, observing
My fallen angel...

I am the mortal guide
With spiritual possessions
I have seen the other side
And I have sold my soul!

I have no earthly tombstone
And I have no christian grave
I am a misanthrope
I am not a fucking slave!

Skjend Hans Lik / Humiliate His Corpse

En Evig Kamp Mot Guds Lys!

Drep den forstefodte
Skjend hans lik
En fiende av gud
Til evig tid

Hat, Kulde, Dod!

Et hjerte fylt av hat
Ondskapens sjel
Kald likbleik hud
Dodens sanne ansikt

Ond, Grim, Sjel!

Grim hellig forakt
Kristen menneskejakt
Uforsonlig tidlost hat
Gi meg valgjerds hode
Pa et faens solv fat

En dodsmaskin skapt av hat
Mot gud og hele menneskeheten
En iskald trone skapt av uhellig tro
Beskyttet av alt det onde
Og hedensk vikingblod!

En evig kamp, jeg blaser pa ildens glod!
En fiende av gud, til evig tid!

The Well Of All Human Tears

Evil surrounds you, channelling hell
Through the seal...
The only answer lies within
Beholder of all sorrow
The root of damnation, eternal dedication

The night closes in
Dark and cold
Life is an abyss
Profound as a thousand nights

Through the seal of the dark
A journey through the bleakest mist
Evil surrounds you
The presence of death

The gates to madness
Channelling hell
The only answer lies within

Over the ice-cold fjords
Under the wind-swept mountains
The deepest of all forests
Where darkness lies unknown
A layrinth of trees
Grown on the most unholy soil

Forever in darkness
I have touched the hands of death
Beholder of all sorrows
And the well of all human tears
The root of damnation
Suck the marrow of the fucking bone
Eternal dedication
We, brotherhood of the blood

Beholder of all sorrows
And the well of all human tears

Put To Sleep Like A Sick Animal!!!

Centuries have strengthened his soul
He knows the winds
He knows the woods and the trees
Firmly held by the strongest chains

He's waiting for the nightfall
He lurks in the evening mist
An earthly demon-made soul
Declaring destruction of god
Destruction and war
Hhe lurks the travellers to their death
He put a nail in your coffin
Forever and ever till the end of time
And he will always be
On top of the world!

Our lifeless faces of death
You will walk the darkest path
And find no inner peace
The blackest light of true evil

Torture me with a thousand razors
Torment me no further, kill me now
This is the day of suffering
This is the day I see you die

Get me out of this fucking hellhole
I can't stand the fucking smell
I can't stand your hypocrisy
You're going to hell

Living in fear, your death is tailor-made
Drowned in a pool of snot, tears and misery
You haven't seen the light
The christians were wrong!

There is no comfort in dying
There is no peace in death
You are worth nothing
Put to sleep like a sick animal

Put to sleep like a sick animal

Hymne Til Döden

Fred vil du aldri fa
Dine snyder varer evig ved
Dette vil du aldri unnga
Du drar til et uonsket sted

Jeg star og ser pa hatets ansikt
Berort av ondskap, berort av and
Risset av gudenes runer
Er stroket bort av en ukjent hand

Hva vet du om döden?
Det siste forfall, et lik
Og et muggent skall!

Doden er et fjell
Som lofter sin falte sno
Over vegen du drar
Dit til du skal do!

Vi sorger aldri over de dode
Vi lever i hat og evig tro
Bare I de hedenske hjerter
Strommer de falnes blod
Fred skal du aldri fa
Dine snyder varer evig ved


Ancient Spirit Of The Underworld

Overhead the thunder cracked and roared
And when it ceased the deathlike silence
Chilled my marrow and bones
The need to feel dead was killing him

Like death itself
Evil is found in the earliest
Oldest and the most dreadful
Memories of humanity
Eternally feared by gods primitive men

Pale visions, death-pale they were all
Still cursed, haunted and alone
Killing woman, children and men
Sparing neither age nor sex

A place where reality is worthless
And all you want is to be left alone
They grind the land like corn
Showing no mercy
Spilling the blood like rain
Devouring their flesh and sucking
Dry their veins...

The undead leaves their graves
In misty transformations
You see half-visible bodies
Floating through the night
The ancient spirits of the underworld

All the trees were lifeless and dead
And there were no birds singing
The reign of man is over
Drained for all its powers

He saw their starving lips shake
With a horrid grin gaped wide
And the corpse lies on the cold hill side
His spirit is carried away
By the northwinds into eternity

Spill The Blood Of The Lamb

I walk the path of death
Which no one will return
I will lead you to this path
And see you burn
The only guiding light
The blackest light
To you who seek the knowledge
I will spill your fucking blood!

Follow me through this earthly hell
And lay thy hands on his horned skull
And worship!
The fallen angel of doom

Faster, faster
We re heading towards total disaster
My father is fire my mother is hate
Nourished with the blood
That blackened my hellish faith

Poisoned by the christian earth
Baptized by priest at birth
I command and follow lucifer
As the only representative
Living force... Lucifer!

The blackest light of evil
I have the knowledge
Spilling my blood!

I fell first amongst the angels
Who despise jesus christ
And all other heavenly creatures
Of the so-called heaven
The age of the moon
That should be observed by
All of the true heathen blood
I expect no less!
Spill the blood of the fucking lamb!

One With The Earth

A shiver creeps down my spine
As I wander through these hordes
And when these callous arm
Streches out for me, I feel at home

You are the beholders of silence
Still your voice of wisdom means more to me
Than the words from a thousand men ever will

In a time with religious whores
Which keeps fucking the same cock
I gasp for air, you are my shelter

A forthcoming winter-night
From one of your mighty arms
I will hang in a rope
I am you, and you are the earth!

Your presence is indispensable
For the existence of life
Your elegy in stormy nights
One with the earth
And one with death!

Christian Incoherent Drivel

As the decades and centuries rolled by
Most of the christians no longer thought
That the second coming of christ
Would take place in their own lifetime

They firmly believed
The awaited return of jesus christ
To earth in order to judge
The living and the dead

But they thought its possible
That these holy events
Might not come to pass
For hundreds or thousands of years

On the basis of a complex numerical
Calculations involving the symbolic
Interpretation of the so called
Book of truth

Still the preachers of our modern age
Which prophecies claimed true
Admit and coness your pathetic sin
Then you kneel and let the brainwash begin

The world will be swept by war and plagues
All evil will control humanity
Many will follow the beast 666
And take up arms against christ
The battle of armageddon is near

Apocalypse pestilence war famine and death
The demons of finality
From the sky they came
As written in biblical times
The vision of the destruction fo earth
The future is dark and violent
Carpathian Forest wants you dead, DEAD!

The Old House On The Hill

He lives in a old house on the hill
This elderly man of dark secrets
Haunted by the memories decades ago
Which shaped this man throughout his life
The old house on the hill
A call from hell
Far from people, he lives in the past
Alone by himself, always alone to the last
A saw, a drill and hammering on nails
The curtain covers the dusty windows
Scratching sounds and the sound of knives
Being sharpened from time to time

The old house on the hill
The old house on the hill

Necrophiliac / Anthropophagus Maniac

The nekrophiliac mental disorder
Cadaverous sexual deviations
An uncontrollable strong desire
Reading obsessively all obituaries
Dig up the recently deceased woman
And break into their tombs
Of the freshly buried sluts
And fuck them before they rot!

Dissecting the stiff and dead
Eating the eyeballs and the inside
Of her opened head
The infliction includes no pain
But the destruction of her
Innards and brain

Consuming the pieces of the corpse
Of someone who has been
Mutilated beyond recognition
A necrosadistical uncontrollable lust
There is much blood on the floor
Pus, entrails and stinking gore
Necrophiliac anthropophagus maniac

He needs to see her inside out

God-made sickening art
From her dismembered skill and head