BRISEN - Shade Of Soul

Hills Of Thunder

Nothing is lost
in this warriors time
Where the stiked hills
by thunder recall
The deeds of ancient heroes,
promised to death
For defending their gods
nothing is more felt
of the pulsing of a wounded heart
and two afraid eyes
But they are just moments
that are enough to defeat
The desire to win
One man on another one
Who is an enemy at the moment
It doesn't matter of the pain
A warrior is able to love even this
Nothing is lost but the death

Thought In The Wind

ash of a burned body
For the superficially of the silly men
For helping their ridiculous god to punish
All demon's children
With the ferocity in their eyes and
their christ in hands
The fire started its way
Makes me no breath at first and
then, I remember the cryes, the
imprecations and the maledictions
When I felt my legs burning
Creatures that have just the fear
of who is devine
I'll Come back to revenge my self
on your children and your people,
shortly after I didn't feel
anything, I didn't see my body
Now my thoughts fly in the wind
and my rage will follow you everywhere

Earth (Without God With Us)

Dark are the face of warriors
who come back tired to their village
Today their god didn't follow them
in the battle and the lacerated bodies
of loisers seem to look at the sky with hate
There is no victory where there is death
and there isn't god to protect our selves
For their men while the most cowardly will pray
dead for making a god wins against another one
Dead for a god who killing
every us

Tree Of Agony

The light has forsaken me
long time ago
In this arid land there are my root
If there is fault on this paradise
of deluses, it's difficult to find it
There is no shield to defend me
against the wind of unknown
That provokes silencely the scream
of tomorrow the toil of keeping
to holding out
My soul falls in pieces under the
clouds that leave free their cries
Wet this body and
come inside my spirit, dream
Oh world, that madness is 
of maker, ours agony


Nemaielam lad icarebil am
Enoizatnet ni errudni ic non
Irotibed irtson ia omaittemir il ion emoc
Itibed irtson i ion a ittemir
Onaiditouq enap ortson li iggo iccad
Arret ni emoc oleic ni isoc
Atnolov aut al attaf ais
Onger out li otacifitnas ais
Ilieic ien ies ehc
Ortson erdap!


Only The Silence Around Me

I correct my steps in the darkness
of this room
I open the door with the desire
of making mine the unknown
I found just other doors
I seems to drive crazy
Just I'm here I and the silence
I don't understand, I bite hard
My lips still I make them
bleed and the pain
breaks the silence
Holdon my heart, that this one
is my destiny, stay awake my
memories, you will be my
only voice in this travel