BEWITCHED - Hibernum In Perpetum

Candless Of Doom

This eve is a moumful mourning, 
Damnation and misery
Like shadows appear and
Your pain is strong now
Poor soul, your eyes so
Blinded by pride. 

I am your death, deep in your flesh
I am your death, deep in you soul 
Funeral´s feeling, deep in the vells

Still the spirit dying in the
Misery of desolation
Poem of the painful funeral, the inner poetry of soul
Pain, fatality over your redemption, 
The endless horizon of death is here. 

Winter Tears

We are preachers of 
Innocence´s light, winter is our 
Fate, clouded our days. All 
White is snow deep in night, 
Wind blowing soft among us. 
Sweet snow deep in the path of 
Procession an little lights of 
Our hands falling into the 
Ethereal forest. 
"The dreams are in the cave to 
astral babilonys 
Marduk, Belzeebub, Nergal, 
Samael Lilith, gods of our world. 
If I´m in the path of dreams my 
Immortality is gone. 
A world of false prophets is this". 
We are preachers of 
innocence´s light, winter is our 
fate, clouded our days, clouded 
days over our forest. My 
winter I want to bless wind 
blowing soft among us. 


The cave of my journey is 
Anathema of my dawn, the devil 
Wants my soul in the eve of my Death. 
Echoes in the way to unknown, 
Poetry of the innocence´s flight 
Is bor. Choirs of damnation 
And choirs of redemption I can Hear. 
The cross in my hand is the 
Symbol of my fear I feel an 
Inner desolate void in the path 
To mysteries in the river stix 
Charon and his boat, in the 
Edge of light and angel from Grace 
I can feel the light of fate in 
My inner humble soul. 

Fate's Prophets

The fate of all humanity is a 
Sacred secrecy. 
Predictions of all men in all 
Our centuries, masters of 
Illusion put your soul in abyss 
Desecrators of mysteries, 
Misery´s vultures 

The prophets of fate, 
Evil in their hands 

The ancient power of hate 
Is domain of Satan. 
Perpetual fantasy of legions of 
Spirits lost. 
The unknown is revealed in the 
Moment of your death, Charon 
Awaits your soul for pain in hell. 

Serene Sorrow

Tears are falling into the 
Ancient solitude. Cold air is the 
Sign of my fear. Torment & Pain 
Secrecy souls, misery & death, 
Under tears. 

Serene Sorrow, deep 
In my heart 

Don´t forget the dead´s 
Message: "Flowers for the 
Dismal entombed" 
Candles burn and the life fall, 
Please don´t believe in your eyes. 

Medieval illusions, gothicus 
Chapter. Our rites was 
Celebrated under the oak I 
Close my dreams, open my eyes 
To see this path. My only 
Suppliance my winter land 
Never end. 

Last Breath

"This is te Aquarian order. 
The fall of christian faith 
Marduk & Seth, Samael & Lilith 
Human race into the path of Sun". 
This is the last crusade, 
Crusade of extermination 
Without christ, a new christ is god. 

Sumerian lords invoked by 
Computer, imperialism of 
Gnosticism is here. 

In the edge of power the 
Christian faith is dead, 
Incarnatin of Antichrist is 
Law. Philosophy of expansion of 
Soul at the rainbow´s energy. 
Annhilation of people that 
Still trust in christ.