BEWITCHED - Dragonflight

Poetry Of My Forest

Lugubrious flowers and gloomy sounds
Awful halls and awesome trees

Astouding autumn send a message: 
Winter comes with my sword

Upon my enemies inside their hearts
A lot of dimal pain eats their lifes
My forest will be ready for him
The winter storm seems to arrive
The wind caresses my fort face
Clouds are black through the mountains. 

My empire is here. My troops, my slaves, 
Players of this harmonies claim my victory
And my majesty over their unconditional faithfulness
And humiliation before me if they fall into
The seas of wimpdom and become traitor my curse
Must be sealed over their feeble souls. 

Miölner on my breast, 
Mouth arps evoke the colo-colo´s wisdom
On thunder rides the mighty Thor. 
My enemies will be dead along with their summer
Mighty stormblaster founded the kingdom!!!


Bells of death sing their mourful tune
The dismal candles burn the last light
Endless passages of sorrow are open
Your laments fall through the graves. 

You have the Charon´s invitation

It´s funeral extasis
Christ, he is not here anymore
You want hope and happiness but your soul
Just cries out with despair. Your rainbow
Is dead belive me, touch the feeble light


The medieval codex tells a tale of fear
A tale of a dragon which flies on the dark
The flames become a storm fire
His victims were condemnned by their faith
The dragon is the lord of your fear 

Awesome hills full of corpses of the ones
Who died by their god, a forsaken god. 


Inverted crossfire on the path and an
Eminent battle of warriors become a 
Pathetic horde of ego-christians bastards. 

Thr giant dragon must spit on your face the 
Cleaner fire of devastation. All warriors
Died by fears that hunt your feeble soul
Til now. 

Wotan's Course

The frost freezes your soul
When my breath falls upon you
My sword slayed all my betrayers
It will be known by all humanity. 

My revenge is clear..... 

Your mind doesn´t have imagination for it
You´re doomed by the empire´s power
Your god live inside their temples
Anguish upon the top of the world. 

Candless of Doom

This eve is a moumful mourning, 
Damnation and misery
Like shadows appear and
Your pain is strong now
Poor soul, your eyes so
Blinded by pride. 

I am your death, deep in your flesh
I am your death, deep in you soul 
Funeral´s feeling, deep in the vells

Still the spirit dying in the
Misery of desolation
Poem of the painful funeral, the inner poetry of soul
Pain, fatality over your redemption, 
The endless horizon of death is here.

The Prophecy/Aqüarian Revelation

Times through unconscious immolation, 
Personalities entombed beyoned light, 
Luciferian demons call inside feeble flesh
Gods of light over unconditional stupidity, 
Bisexual gods of carnal pleasure & love arrives, 
Human flesh just an instrument of inferiority, 
Luzbel arrives with love & light for all idiots. 

Sumerian origin, pantheist illusions
Through astral gnosticism, our wisdom
As pharaonic philosophy, I´am Samael & 
I´am Lilith. My rejoiced aura enlights
The rainbow and my ebony goat
I´ve kissed, I´m the androgynous serpent, 
Your light & love, your christ. 


Shadows of pain rain upon the city
Bloodsoil I must spit on priest´s face
Bearer of bittemes speaks
About damnation
Total death, total destruction.


Blood must be shed on the cross
Peace, is not here anymore
Ouatered flesh upon the earth
Annihilation under the sword of thor
Total destruction of their faith
Aqüarian age must be destroyed
We are the true clouds of devastation
Odin´s cour comes on battle.