ATANATOS - Assault Of Heathen Forces

Whore Of Revelation

The church is a whore of revelation
Gins and vices rule in it
Church don't spring from Jesus but from malefactores
The pope is the leader of all malevolence.

Your adversaries say: "god didn't create the world
Jesus didn't suffer for the mankind
The ecclasiastical services are useless
Your sacraments are senseless.

The whore of revelation

How many noble people, scientists and servants
Exposed to danger, suppressed from you
Deprived of their joy of life
Torchured, strangled and hanged is unknown.

Everyone who is in doubt about you
Everyone who not follows you
Frighten you and is an enemy in your eyes
That's why you invent cruel punishments and laws.

You set brothers at variance
You want to dictate what is the right way
And your crusades, your fucking crusades
Were marches of general offences.

The whore of revelation.

Behind The Darkest Woods

These are the ancient woods
Those cover the secrets
The little spirits, unvisible
The dance starts at midnight.

Burning clouds of thunder
His call sounds over the mountains
Ride through this rough land
Where lived the ancient forefathers
Whisperings in the darkness
Frozen stars at the sky
In the distance you see they come
Their swordarms sparkle in the light of the moon.

Worship for the strength to fight
The flames of eternity
Fight for the victory of freedom
Ride to the final war.

Behind the darkest woods
There is the land of fearless warriors
With the strength of the gods
Fight for eternal life.

Journey Through The Spiritual Past

Do you hear the cries those tear the silence of night
Cries of forgotten souls, signed by a painful life.

In search for the real truth, the ancient spirits show the way
Dark shadows - eternity, black coldness - frozen air.

Between the dreams, the dreams of damnation
Chained by fear, splattered by torchures.

The dreams of damnation
Chained by fear, splattered by torchures.

Flight for a long, long time
Through protecting blackness of night
The inner fight - revenge
The saving fight so far away.

The dreams of...

Flight for...

Pictures of destructed life
Miracles of existence
Chaos rules - burning fields
Tears of sorrow - hate.

Journey through the spiritual past into the
To the ancient kingdoms, return of the damned souls.

Eternal Escape - Under The Black Sky

Unter dem
Schein des Mondes
auf dem von Fackeln erleuchteten Pfad.

Blutige Finger, gespaltener Geist
angstliche Blicke