ASTRIAAL - The Throne To Perish - An Icon Of Disease

The Throne To Perish

The holy disease... a plague upon mankind!
Salvation to some, Christ... worthless to me!

Prophetic incarnate
Sworn martyr to the weak
The cunting children (of light)
Empty vessels chained to deceit
A deity to the fallen
Visions for the blind
Condemned to suffer
Mass deception divine

Perish... the throne!

Vanquish iconic persecution
Hate scars the saviour idolised
Betrayed by thy Father in heaven...
...Betrayed by Christ!

Jesus, I eat of your flesh
Jesus, I drink of your blood

Remnants of faith deceased
The thousand year reign vanquished
Judgement delivered
For I bow before... none!

Inoculated souls for the burning
Vestal convocation in flesh
Reinvent your saviour
God's millennial son
Christ... a figure forlorn!
Withered, Nailed to the cross
I bear the mark of purity
Reviled... I bear the scars of sin!

For your priests will die
Your Christ has died
And your God must die

Subservants of faith... abandon all hope!
There is no salvation... only lies!


Ode To Antiquity

Mortal seeping of wounds
Conjuring seasonal decline
Ominous reflections
Chapters written in blood
Of the earth, Condemnation in flesh
The ancient soil reveals so many tales

An artifice... divine!

Dying spectral emissions reside
Colossal apparitions

Primal convergence of time
It writhes, contorts, decays
Invariant transmissions
Into thy subconscious descends
A vision... the beginning... the end!
The eye... the coming... the iconoclast!

What have we learned from life?
...A life forlorn!
The essence remains asunder
Enigma divine... the key lies beyond!

Desire... the source of dreams
Corroding the balance of time
Astral revelation... the deception tide
Eternal... dying within