ASTRIAAL - Summoning The Essence Of Ancient Wisdom

Meridians Ablaze

When all gods are vanquished
When all icons have fallen
When all that of flesh is ashen
When all that of life is lost
Beneath bleeding skies...

Celestial Transcendence Of The Aphelion

Aeons deep freezing stratum, across abyssic seas
Of burning heavens, in veiled sorrow I dream
Through the blackest dimensions
Lay hidden worlds forlorn
Sensing thee, awaiting... unknown!

In times long forgotten, to roam eternity
Thy flesh is severed, thy spirit evolves unleashed
Shadowed, this path benighted
Despise the seething light...
Extinguished forever!
Eternal astral life, amidst cosmic divinity...
I drift away!
Where dreams are crystallized
Immortal I reign

Beyond all freezing light, entering
As the horns are raised
The sun is hidden before a fallen sky
Nocturnal end
A palace of fire, under cursed eyes
A defiant heart emerges in an ocean of flames
(Now lost) the pleasure of dreams

The earth is blackened, the sun forbidden to rise
Eclectic legend eclipsing cosmic light
The ocean's malice beguiles (thee) under mortal skies
Unbeknownst, The fires have decayed
Left in pieces, dies a world within
A planet freezing
A world without burning skies...
Burning skies!

So lords and kinsmen writhe
In a haven left to nature's reign
A frozen realm betrays
Immortal light entrances... yet raped!
Twas meant to be, This deep and fallen sky
For the forests have waned
Entire earth is laid beneath (entombed)
Crucified, an age of ice

Through the blackest dimensions
Lay hidden worlds forlorn
Ecliptic shrine... a freezing throne!

Final night arrives
As azimuth's suddenly white
As fire's life is reaped of all warmth
I fade away...


Talons unfurl... dragon magic rise
Spectral shadows, cast beyond all light
Interstellar caverns, dwells a beast devine
It dreams creation
Oh... to stare through eyes so old!
Into vast kingdoms ablaze
Sovereign empire, void of light
Serpent spread thy wings... ARISE!

A palace where the souls of dead dream
Ancient, of thy darkness within
Writhing essence bleeds
From thy depths, thy beast is unleashed

Serpentine... summon thee!

To soar as a raven, through endless spheres of light
Leviathan dimensions, eclipse the realms of ice
Transcend these cosmic ruins, for eternity I roam
Of ancient gates before me, immortal I enter... alone!

Writhing essence bleeds
From thy depths, thy beast is unleashed


As Mist Befell The Ruins

Amongst the woods I've roamed
Beyond the ancient gates
The loss of fear
As I resurrect the staff that spears the liege
Immortal battle spear
The tide of Heathens disgraced in his sovereignty
Mountains freezing, thus binds the burning sky
Their silver peaks first to meet encroaching night
An aspirant haunting, ignites the flames within
Sands [of time] burn, hidden is a lost kingdom
Stratosphere, unite a freezing sky
In death so near shadows now fly
Secret legions, the planets are as one
Cosmic, dismal rays alight the forming [Expiration]
A dusk filled yearn, I perceive the ways of yore
Across the chambers, a guiding presence lies
I pledge to bleed a sacred rite
Desire burning inside
As I bled in ruins... enriched!
With stars burning I lay
A birthright, a vision... 'tis thane I sense!
As a veil this night enshrouds... enshrines!
As an earthly chill inspires...enslaves!
A silent embrace defies senses
[For I] witness this lifes's... end!
In a land of dreams, I reach my grave
The stars remain, reside to roam
With eyes to raise, to transcend, to face spirits
Enlighten, frozen... the ancient eyes within!
Drown in sorrow, return to rest
In death we travel, thy treasured stars await

Revere The Labyrinth

Solemn vision, a darkness so pure
In thine wrath bequeathed
Oceans born (upon) shores of creation
Cosmic order
For I am one with thee... one with thee!

Grand abyss thy seething entity
In mythical visions conceived
Astral liege command the labyrinth
Sovereign order, Infernal decree

For I bleed with the rivers
For I breathe with the wind
For I roar with thunder
Lost are they... unknowing!

I alone revere thee!

I channel emotions of elder insight
Unbound I've travelled horizons beyond
Vermilion shadows betray the light
My descent of spirit a mere passage in time

Eye... of night's desire, I... of earthly flesh
Inner dimensions, darkness infinite

Illusionary visions
Of lost aeons deceived
Labyrinth of knowledge
Arise before me
The Shadow Gates

Grant me thy key!


Millennia Of Bloodshed (An Eclipse In Blood, Anno MMI)

Engaged beyond celestial essence
To draw upon the spirit of the night
A sovereign moon ancient... arises!
A scarlet flare devours the landscape

Aeon's reflection scars my eyes

Veins flow with the strength of hate...
...For the end of All is at hand

A season turning... a cleansing in blood!
Extinguish the flame, Rape the light
Prayers for the dead
Escape... for none!

For the blood I yearn
A sign of lunar enslavement

A burning storm
Thy bleeding night
Prophetic immersion in time
The cosmic urge... desire!
Extinction divine

For the blood I yearn
A sign of lunar enslaved worlds

When the blood flows and devours the Earth
All shall fall before the reign of death
...Of death!

Allure, The blood of night
Redemption denied
Crimson streams of light
Lay waste to this world

Immortal souls embracing the night...
...I behold an eclipse in blood!

Somnium Infinitus

'The energies of our system will decay,
the glory of the sun will be dimmed,
and the Earth tideless and inert will no longer
tolerate the race which has
for a moment disturbed it solitude
Man will go down into the pit, and all his thoughts will perish.'

The Foundations of Belief

(Arthur James Balfour / 1848-1930)