ASTRIAAL - Renascent Misanthropy

Ritual Hate Construct

The flowing tide, The source of inner darkness
A pathogenic mind deforms the primal seed
Penetrating the cortex of suffering
The superior will of tortured stimulus

Renascent Hatred... Initiate self destruction
Renascent Hatred... Misanthropic revelation
Renascent Hatred... Lecherous contagion 
Renascent Hatred... Deified in genocide

Ritual... Hate... Construct

With the dying enshrined to funeral pyres
I herald the dawn of pure human extinction

Visualise... salvation wreathed in fire
Unified reversal creation
Purified... cleansed in the blood of millions
The human race... forlorn!

Sacrificed, God's children weep in vain
Terminal - Genocidal - Influx

Ritualised... The holocaust personified
Prophesised... In funerary dreams
Hatred... Executions multiplied
Human evolution complete

Sacrificed, God's children weep in vain
Terminal - Genocidal - Scorn

Revere The Labyrinth

Solemn vision, A darkness so pure
In thine wrath bequeathed
Oceans born (upon) shores of creation
Cosmic order
For I am one with thee: one with thee!

Grand abyss thy seething entity
In mythical visions conceived
Astral liege command the labyrinth
Sovereign order, Infernal decree

For I bleed with the rivers 
For I breathe with the wind
For I roar with thunder
Lost are they: unknowing!

I alone revere thee!

I channel emotions of elder insight
Unbound I've travelled horizons beyond 
Vermilion shadows betray the light
My descent of spirit a mere passage in time

Eye: Of night's desire, I: Of earthly flesh
Inner dimensions, Darkness infinite

Illusionary visions 
Of lost aeons deceived
Labyrinth of knowledge
Arise before me 
The Shadow Gates

Grant me thy key!

Glories Of The Nightsky

I raise thine eyes to the heavens
A most seductive silence
Infinite abyss
Of majestic wonder

Entrance the eyes for I am thy beholder
Envisaged realms of lost forbidden sights
Aeons depart, Frozen in time
I enter these gates of celestial kingdoms

For I burn with thee... Oh mystical night 
A union of spirit a bonding in blood
In the shadowed light of a waning moon
I invoke the worlds of deities infernal

Ancient flames, These candles in the night 
Outer rays of light piercing blackened skies 
Lost in the throes of my darkest fantasies
Aeons descend upon a blood-red twilight

Perceive the divine and roam: forever!

Of worlds beyond the dying light of stars
Burns the ancient heart of sacred night

In undying bewilderment
I ponder in essence and awe...
...The Glories of the Nightsky

When all light has gone 
As darkness falls
Nocturnal beasts arise
A requiem for the darkest of souls
I behold... The Glories of the Nightsky

Ode To Antiquity

Mortal seeping of wounds
Conjuring seasonal decline
Ominous reflections
Chapters written in blood
Of the earth, Condemnation in flesh 
The ancient soil reveals so many tales

An artifice... divine!

Dying spectral emissions reside 
Colossal apparitions

Primal convergence of time
It writhes, Contorts, Decays
Invariant transmissions
Into thy subconscious descends
A vision... the beginning... the end!
The eye... the coming... the iconoclast!

What have we learned from life?
...A life forlorn!
The essence remains asunder
Enigma divine... the key lies beyond!

Desire... the source of dreams
Corroding the balance of time
Astral revelation... the deception tide
Eternal... dying within


Lengthening shadows, In life serene
Primordial splendour, Thy guardians: thy key!
Lost towers of knowledge, As giants they stand
Living monolithic grandeur

Inhale the essence, Embody the past
Earthen chronicles: so ancient! 
I hear their choir in the wind
Silent echoes: thy tongue of the trees!

Drawn am I to wander elder paths
Thus: enlightened!
The lore of Mother Earth
And with each passing season
Amidst ever omnipresent form: her beauty unfolds! 

Of wind and fire 
Water and earth
Intra quintessence... the meaning of life!

In silence unfurls creation
The pulse of existence perceived 
Transformed, Unrivalled perfection 
Illusions mask the unseen... eye!

The burning change of seasons
The sullen shades of night
The rise and fall of oceans
The chill of the forests

...A cycle of forgotten time

Internal, Breathes the vortex
Feeding the spiral of life... within!

A shining seed of chaos
The thorn in the mind of Man
Opulent spiral formations
Beyond comprehension

Eminent black dimensions
Dominion lord Abyss
Awaken the tree of life...
A breath in a silent forest
An ember to the wind
Paradise or perdition
Thy inner procession of decay... begins!

Silence the mournful cries
Ever... Oh so slowly! 
The withered tree of life decays

Eternal, Breathes the vortex
Feeding the spiral of death... within!


Reaper Of Dark Ages

Dawn of a new era upon us
The Dark Age has arrived
In dreams, Scarred olden visions
Revealed through eyes that have once seen: battle!
As blood stains the crimson soil 
Spirits are unleashed

Arise from ancient slumber
Forefathers rest no more
From a spiritual wasteland
Unbound, Our longing for war
Memories forged in fire
Of steel and of flesh
Vengeance adorned
Millennial bloodshed

The blood of the dead flows through my veins
Embraced in flesh, A thousand souls condemned to ash
Empires shall rise amidst the flames
Shadows precede a blackened earth

The past it draws near
Alas, I forsee... the dawn of a new age!
The dawn of a new race... Misanthropic descendants
A cleansing so pure... Man's glorious rebirth is nigh

Shadows from another time, Speak to me
I hear their voices... I heed their call!

Primordial flame, Ethereal source
An age of fire, Man's spiritual dawn
Primeval knowledge, Nihilistic reign
An age of darkness, All life decays

With eyes aflame... we return to dust!