ASTRIAAL - Deception Revelation

Ode To Antiquity

Mortal seeping of wounds
Conjuring seasonal decline
Ominous reflections
Chapters written in blood
Of the earth, Condemnation in flesh
The ancient soil reveals so many tales

An artifice... divine!

Dying spectral emissions reside
Colossal apparitions

Primal convergence of time
It writhes, contorts, decays
Invariant transmissions
Into thy subconscious descends
A vision... the beginning... the end!
The eye... the coming... the iconoclast!

What have we learned from life?
...A life forlorn!
The essence remains asunder
Enigma divine... the key lies beyond!

Desire... the source of dreams
Corroding the balance of time
Astral revelation... the deception tide
Eternal... dying within

Millennia Of Bloodshed (An Eclipse In Blood, Anno MMI)

Engaged beyond celestial essence
To draw upon the spirit of the night
A sovereign moon ancient... arises!
A scarlet flare devours the landscape

Aeon's reflection scars my eyes

Veins flow with the strength of hate...
...For the end of All is at hand

A season turning... a cleansing in blood!
Extinguish the flame, Rape the light
Prayers for the dead
Escape... for none!

For the blood I yearn
A sign of lunar enslavement

A burning storm
Thy bleeding night
Prophetic immersion in time
The cosmic urge... desire!
Extinction divine

For the blood I yearn
A sign of lunar enslaved worlds

When the blood flows and devours the Earth
All shall fall before the reign of death
...Of death!

Allure, The blood of night
Redemption denied
Crimson streams of light
Lay waste to this world

Immortal souls embracing the night...
...I behold an eclipse in blood!


Talons unfurl... dragon magic rise
Spectral shadows, cast beyond all light
Interstellar caverns, dwells a beast devine
It dreams creation
Oh... to stare through eyes so old!
Into vast kingdoms ablaze
Sovereign empire, void of light
Serpent spread thy wings... ARISE!

A palace where the souls of dead dream
Ancient, of thy darkness within
Writhing essence bleeds
From thy depths, thy beast is unleashed

Serpentine... summon thee!

To soar as a raven, through endless spheres of light
Leviathan dimensions, eclipse the realms of ice
Transcend these cosmic ruins, for eternity I roam
Of ancient gates before me, immortal I enter... alone!

Writhing essence bleeds
From thy depths, thy beast is unleashed


As Mist Befell The Ruins

Amongst the woods I've roamed
Beyond the ancient gates
The loss of fear
As I resurrect the staff that spears the liege
Immortal battle spear
The tide of Heathens disgraced in his sovereignty
Mountains freezing, thus binds the burning sky
Their silver peaks first to meet encroaching night
An aspirant haunting, ignites the flames within
Sands [of time] burn, hidden is a lost kingdom

Stratosphere, unite a freezing sky
In death so near shadows now fly
Secret legions, the planets are as one
Cosmic, dismal rays alight the forming [Expiration]
A dusk filled yearn, I perceive the ways of yore

Across the chambers, a guiding presence lies
I pledge to bleed a sacred rite
Desire burning inside
As I bled in ruins... enriched!
With stars burning I lay
A birthright, a vision... 'tis thane I sense!

As a veil this night enshrouds... enshrines!
As an earthly chill inspires...enslaves!
A silent embrace defies senses
[For I] witness this lifes's... end!
In a land of dreams, I reach my grave

The stars remain, reside to roam
With eyes to raise, to transcend, to face spirits
Enlighten, frozen... the ancient eyes within!
Drown in sorrow, return to rest
In death we travel, thy treasured stars await

Hagalaz (Destructive Forces)

Within shadows forsaken, the dying flame
Mortal expiration, sovereignty over flesh
For I am the reaper's blade, bearer of carrion winds
The puritan formation of anti-absolution
I wield extinction, for I am the fate of all
Ageless, faceless... a seer of death!
The final call

Benighted thus dwell the fallen in life
Return to the womb of the Earth
The final atonement of will and demise
A journey towards death and beyond

The purulent race of Man, incarnate of the weak
An ephemeral child decaying
Gasping for life at its dying mother's teat...
...Already dead are we!