ARMAGEDDA - Volkermord

Volkermord Pt. I

I can feel it in my mind
The real evilness is coming
And we are waiting for it
Possess our pure souls

Those creatures who hate us
Will have their minds drown in the skuggons shadow
Your end is never coming, your life will never end
Because your mind will be lost in an eternal suffer

Come on and fill my mortal soul
I will not betray you
Just give me strength to protect our rising DEATH kingdom

After this day will the smell of death remind us
That the mighty dark thing came at last
It will now lead us into the great spirit battle
And my conciousness have I left in my past

Volkermord Pt. II

Victim! I will sacrifice you to myself
And you will join my ocean of blood
Down in my underground castle it is
Only your blood that's keeping me warm

My hate is controlling me completely

The children who I dragged down to my place
Are now aware of how their life will end
I'm sending the evilness over my (the) world
And everyone will feel what I have made

My hate is controlling me completely