ARMAGEDDA - The Final War Approaching


In this eternal cold night
I feel my soul live again
When I think of the world
That I left beyond this dark side

The true evil against humans
Is still alive inside me
All I can feel is emptiness
From the dark angel's power

When the time has come
I will return with death on my mind
And with my immortality
You will be prepared to die

I can hear voices
Voices from the dark past
My fantasies turn real
Then the dead lives again

I saw the truth
When I walked the eternal journey
The future of the world
Will burn in my flames

Unholy Sacrifice

I am your sins
I am your mind
All through I'm you
Hear my call


I possess you
Into the deepest black hole
I am the creature
You fear

I am the demon
In your head
I ride the darkest
Thoughts of your mind

You can't see through it
Death blocks your eyes
This is not a dream
This is reality

Sacrificing demons
Come and join my unholy soul
This is our first day
It has just begun...
Unholy Sacrifice!

My Eternal Journey

Without beginning
Will my hate for your lies, never end.
Weak humans, like you
Will feel the fear of death...
If you're not blessed of your faith.

Break down the undead
So they shall see real darkness
Do not show mercy against life.
We will not miss them...
They will not miss us.

"The world" is trying to change me
Well fuck off, I still support
What I've always believed in
Through my eternal journey.

Executions runs through my mind
When I'm passing my darkest thoughts
My death will never be here,
I have never lived.