ARMAGEDDA - In Blackest Ruin

Horde Of Demons

Satan your time has come
Cast your shadows over the earth
Satan this century belongs to you
Lead humanity into their own destruction

This world must end
The sun must expire
This war you will win
Heaven must burn

Antichrist your chains are unlocked
Universe is in your hands
Horde of demons
Stands prepared
This war you shall win

This world must end
The sun you shall expire
This world will end
When heaven burn

Whore Of God

I cut in your flesh
I taste your blood
But my hunger
Still remains

Whore of God
Where is your Christ?
When I rape you
In front of his eyes

I am your master now
So innocent
So pure and virgin
And you're all mine

Come forth power's of evil
Drain the world in blood
Ancient forces of darkness
Kill all humans', kill me

This world has to end
I suffer, I pray for
Armageddon to come

Wrapped By Darkness

When the mystical fog stand beneath the dark clouds
And surrounds me in my own emptiness
I can see the shapes of my nightmares
The shapes who haunts me night after night.

Alone about my visions
I can no longer hear my thoughts
If my mind lives in another world
What is reality then?

Iím still searching for the meaning of life
When the silence is coming over me
The loss of my soul, to another time
Do almost feel true

Walking through spaces
Will my end never come?
I can feel the flames (from nowhere) but not see it
Am I still human?


Into the land of evil I walk
A path so dark
Leads me into the Kingdom of Darkness
Creatures from a place unknown
I can feel them possessing my mind

Deep into the abyss I fall
With a neverending pain
You will never understand
What I feel

I have left the disgusting planet of God
To join the army of suffering souls
I am now one with the dark forces
The conquering of human life has begun!

Deep into the abyss I fall
With a neverending pain
You will never understand
What I am