ANCIENT CEREMONY - Under Moonlight We Kiss

Eternal Goddess

Eternal Goddess, Vampyre - Queen,
I long for Thy Kiss, the Fountain of Immortality.
May Thou send Scarlet Stars
in the shadowy Hours of sunken Sun,
so their charming Glance shall lead me into Thy
fruitful Empire,
where Darkness is supreme!

Her Ivory Slumber

Night has covered the Forest with a solemn Mantle,
I again visit Her Grave

(May Her Murderers hear our Threat)

"Though Thy Slumber may be deep
Thy weak Spirit shall not sleep
and forever Thou shall dwell
in the ominous Fire of this Spell.
To Thee lovely Night shall deny
all the Quiet of Her Sky"

(The North - Wind is raving through the Trees
and touches roaring the crystalline Seas)

The Moon looks round in sweet Delight
in this pure Mood I invoke my Bride:

"Thus charming as Thy Beauty art
thus bloody shall my Wrath them part
Oh, golden Strings of Ecstasy
encharm us with Thy Melody!
So that a Shape of Her may rise
and our wild Passion never dies"

A dazzling Light spawns out a Vision of my Dearest:

"Understand these Oracle - Words of mine
and our Embrace (shall be divine)
When Skies will be fired with Crimson Cloud
all shall be Witness of me enshroud!"

Shadows Of The Undead

Shadows of the Undead cover the Way beyond
into the darkest of all Realms
A Guidance to the shining Temple of Thee,
oh mightiest and most lustful of all Queens
Gleaming Emeralds enlighten my Path
in these precious Halls of dark - sexual Beauty
The River of Tears is floating in Silence beneath
Her ("my") Throne now filled through my Despair as well
Whilst I kneel down

"I ask about Thy Wilt"

"My Dearest died through holy Hand
Without Her all is lost I thirst for Her,
the sombre Enchantment of my Soul"

"I feel the Honesty of Thy Words
Thy Courtain of Vengeance starts falling with
the final Rise of the December Moon
Resurrect Thy Desired through Her Murderer's Blood then...
Thou art Leader of the Wolves, Majesty under the Nightsky
but doomed to exist in eternal Darkness!
Whether Thy Love is strong enough it may never die!
Thou shall kiss and embrace as Immortals!
Plant these unearthly Flowers on Her Grave
and see them grow as the Portal to a new Existence!"

I shall take Revenge and encharm my Beloved again
through this royal Promethean Gift
This is my final Desire, the Sword of Fulfillment

"So prepare now to receive my Kiss,
the Touch of Eternity!"
"I await..."

Thy Beauty In Candlelight

Thy Beauty in Black Candles' Light
is the dearest Vision to my Spirit

"Thou art the shining Diamond of my Crown"

Harvester I will be of the forbidden Fruits,
growing there so deliciously in the Gardens of Thy ("my") Breast
In my dark-desirous Dreams I see us inAutumn Fields,
feeling October's magic Breath

"Thou art the Flower that never shall wither"

The Reflection of Thy Beauty in the dancing
Candleflames creates Memories so sweet but cold
dark as Thy Black Hair, like the Raven-Face of Night
Thy Neck is like sculpture-made
Thy milky Bosom the loveliest Nature ever formed

"Sanguis Vita est! (et)
Tenebrae Desponsam meam!"

Enchant me eternally with Thy voluptuous Forms
as Thy witching Fire still burns in me

Veil Of Desire

The flaming Passion in Thy Eyes
fills my Heart with Melancholy

"Beloved One, embrace me, I thirst for Thy pale Skin"

In Remembrance to our final Kiss
under the Shadows of the eternal Trees,
planted when Raven lost their Seed out of his Claws

"Oh come, Beloved One, embrace me,
I thirst for Thy marble - pale Skin"

Secrets Under Blackened Sky

The Glance of the Red Wine,
so lovely in dim Starlight
Only the Moon is Witness of my Revenge

"Thee robbed me my most precious,
so await my sinister Lust
Lycanthropia, I hunt the Night
the Tears of Thine for me like Showers of Gold"

Thy feeble Screams create the Mood of Symphonies to my Ears
For the Blood of the Weak, who took away my Dearest,
is Water of the eternal Life floating through my Veins
Like a Shark in deep-blue Waters
I dive into Black Sky, tasting Thy Blood

"Ah, strengthen me mortal Creatures!"

Whilst I feel the Hour arriving when lunar Light will caress
the Grave of my Beloved with Resurrection
Thou feel Death's Claws
Death's pure Claws

Dulcet Seduction

"Cold, sad and lonely is my endless seeming sleep
down here in this Grave, where Love and Death must part,
only the Magic of these Flowers keeping my Soul alive"

The Queen of the Nightsky has risen to bewitch me
like Bats on evil Wings I fly through Her Kingdom
So that the Shroud's pure white may shine in Purple
(Yet) the Brightness of another dying Sun
then Doomsday will be done

"Blood is Life!"

This Wine, as sweet as Thy starlike Beauty,
my golden Fruit on the Tree of Passion and Delight

Angel's Bloody Tears

Thy mighty Words, Vampyric Mater,
Queen of the Undead, still evoke my Mind

"Soon my Enchantress shall be Seraphim
to my Throne, built of Immortality"

As Spy in Darkness I see the weak Creature
break the Shadows falling on Her Grave
My Bloodthirst is of the Wolves,
who gather - what Pride - to an impressive Parade
The Purity of the Wintermoon
strengthens me whilst Vengeance is mine
My hunting Fangs - his Mirror of mortal Decay
His Blood drips down like the Grains in Reaper's Sandglass
...the once naked Flowers dress!
Ecstatic Love or bitter Tragedy?
Out of a whirling Storm my Bride ascends

"Thou were mine, Thou art mine
and Thou shall be mine throughout all Eternities!"
Now I touch Thy marble Breasts, shall enchant Thy secret Garden
and drown in the Lakes of Thy ("my") Beauty

"So reunite with me and feel the Passion
Thou get crowned with through my Vampyre Kiss..."

Pale Nocturnal Majesty

As Darkness drowns the Landscape my Time it is to rise
Mighty Ruler of the stormy Night
Sanguinaire Lust of me, the Pale Nocturnal Majesty

Evocative Chants from the Shadow - Kingdom
As I fly into the Night my Realm of grotesque
Beauty touches Eternity

A Choir through this dark Forest
where Light never was to be seen
only the shining Jewels of my Sceptre,
protected by the Raven with the golden Wings
The Wolves guard the Path to my Castle

Pale Nocturnal Majesty, come await my Breath in Thy Neck...
Black Kiss