ANCIENT CEREMONY - The Third Testament

Ex Insula Angelorum

Awake and give Ear to what Damnation's Bell
As Prophecy has Thee to tell!

From the Island of Angels I shall descend
To bring Thee the Third Testament

An Age then is destined to start
In which feeble Religions are torn apart!

Al Shaitan Mahrid

Choirs bathed in Vengeance, dressed as Sin
Perform my Aria of Doom
Drunken with Blood
I resurrect my Cult
The Serpent strikes again
Now that the Seals are broken
All Heavens live in Mourning

"Et aperuit os suum in blasphemias ad deum
Blasphemare nomen eius et tabernaculum eius
Et eos qui in caelo habitant
Et datum est illi bellum facere cum sanctis
Et vincere illos"

So do fall down and worship Me!
A Feast for the Black Prophet
And a greater Feast for Death

The eldest Friend of Wisdom
The Source of wildest Pride
The great seven-headed Beast
That's three Names out of a Thousand
This World has given Me

Oh Earth - Now feel the Elements
My Air - Thy Taste of a deadly Storm
My Water - The Poison of Dragons
Fire - See the Flames burn
As Symbol of the new Law

Daughter Zion I have risen
To preach Thee Thy final Day!

Litanies In Blood

Litanies in Blood I write
As Prayers of Supremacy
My Paper is the Skin of Mortals
Like the Cuts of hundred Needles in their Head
My Feather on it is burning

When Children are brought to the Altar
Grap their Hearts and offer them to me
Diabolical Donation
To get fed with Perpetuality

When Darkside is calling
Open the three Books
To read and learn
Now Flesh becomes My Word
And Word becomes My Flesh

Ego te baptiso in nomine Satanas!

Taste the Devil's Nectar
Drink the Serpent Blood
Wilt is the dark Flame of the Universe
As we pass the fiery Gates
Hand in Hand with fallen sixwinged Seraphim
In this sinistruous Night
Where an Eidolon named "Might"
On a Black Throne reigns upright

I welcome Thee
Walkers in velvet Spheres
My Passion's Daughters and Sons
Here is Thy deserved Dominion

Corpus Sanguinarius Satanicum

Hic sapientia est
Qui habet intellectum
Conputet numerum bestiae
Numerus hominim est
Et numerus eius est - Sescenti Sexaginta Sex!

Seed Of Evil

See the storm forth
Like the dancing Flames of immortal Fire
Feel them burn Thy Soul
Now enter Purgatory!

Oh Scorpion in Azazel's haunted Realm
With deadly Sting fulfill our Lust
May Thou find the beating Hearts in their Breasts

Woe to Thee - but where to flee?
There is no Place to hide
From the Seed of Evil

Horned Entity, carry our Sins with Pride
As we shall do in that star-filled Night
when Babalon's Resurrection is gloriously set to be held
Born again from Scarlet Woman's precious Womb
As Insignium of Hate

Woe to Thee - but where to flee?
There is no Place to hide
From the Seed of Evil

Sand licks the Blood not less than seven Times
My damned Children they awake
From a Sleep that seemed eternally
Whilst Desert's pestilential Winds
Spread from the East
Nine-headed Hydra's Disease
To crawl the Holy Lands

"Thou shall be Feast for the Worms!"

My Breed, these Harbingers of Death
On destinuous Wings do ride
Captured Souls are a mortal Meal
Consumed with deepest Delight
Consumed by the Seed of Evil

A Black Requiem

Oh fiercest Goddess Darkness dares to invoke
Pure Demonic Attraction
When Thou were raptured by Elohim's Hand
Tears bedimmed Thy ebony Eyes
Former Things now passed away
No Sorrow, no more Woe

In Blackened Moon, in Twilight's Dim
Listen to this Bridal Hymn
Await my Diabolique Spell
Mine art Dark Powers to read the Visions old
My Orchestra of Agony performs for Thee
The Symphony of Pride

Now become One with me
Hades and Eden unite
Now Thou art One with me
In unholy Desire allied

Congressus cum Daemonae - See Shadows dance in morbid Rhythm
Congressus cum Daemonae - My Black Paradise it thirsts for Thee
Revolting Angels gather for Attack
Congressus cum Daemonae - Install Thyself next to my Throne
Congressus cum Daemonae - Our rival Kingdom never will bow down

Pass the Rivers of the Dead
A Vision of Elysium tonight flows
All Flesh desires Divinity
Imprisoned Stars now set free again
Ready for Vengeance

As I strike the flaming Sword
Thee all shalt hear the Master Chord
Performed in this Black Requiem of mine

Ego vos benedictio in nomine magni Dei nostri Satanas
Exaudi meam Dominus Inferus vobiscum!

Creatures of the Abyss
And in Heavens as well
Join our Path under the Sun
And join us in crimson Moonlight


With Mephistophelic Egotheism

Let me introduce myself
Mephistopheles my Name

I spread Egotheism
An Idol of Lust I am
To take Thee out of Sadness
And Obeydiance my Aim
Never wander through spiritual Worlds in Lonelieness

Don't wait for Heaven!
Mephistopheles - Seduction the Black Way
Mephistopheles - True King of this World

Allah, Jehova, Father God
These worthless Designs do fail
Decapitate that Trinity of Falseness
In Faustian Conquest I crush their feeble Lies
"So ist denn alles, was ihr Sünde, Zerstörung,
Kurz das Böse nennt, mein eigentliches Element!"

My Soul is in Knowledge of the Universe
So come to Me
And all Treasures of the Earth can be Thine

I await in Hell!
Mephistopheles - Seduction the Black Way
Mephistopheles - True King of this World

The Ultimate Nemesis

With Hand of Judgement I have whetted my flashing Sword
To punish my Adversaries
I will make my Arrows drunk with Blood
And my evil Soul shall devour Thy feeble Flesh
Now I take Vengeance on my hated Enemies

The ultimate Nemesis!
Awake, Heaven and Earth
For the Time of my Plagues has just begun
Like Sodom's lovely poisoned Wine
All Waters shall turn red with Blood of the Slain
I am Her Revelation
On my Sceptre gleams the Morningstar
And my Curse rapes all Temples of Thine
Lux Perpetua - now Thou art mine!

As Conductor to this Requiem
I write the Score in Blood
Reaper plays his Violin
Feel the sweet Smell of Death
Oh, Perfume of these raging Deeds
Get spread like fiery Breath
Hear Lambs in Agony cry
See the Slaves slowly die,
Still kneeling before their God

"With Tongue of Wrath I spake the Judge
So they now wheep for their slaughtered Idol...
Face the ultimate Nemesis
And wheep now for Thy God!"

Hear Heaven cry, see Heaven die
Bleeding Drips rain from the Sky
Hear Heaven cry and see Heaven die
Thy "God" - I laugh about his Sigh
His Sheep from my Wolves do flee
A dying Heaven - this is what I see

Dead even I love my Enemies!

On Khaos Wings

No mortal Soul ever shall feel
Wisdom-drenched Secrets hidden under my Veil
Through the darkest Portal ever built
I will guard Thee to the fifteen Stars under Ishtar's Gate

For I am all that was, is and shall be

Weeping, creeping, Death is sleeping
Mysteries of a World beyond
Shall bring Thee back to Life
As on Khaos Wings we ride
In this Black Magick Night

Created before all Mankind
Fire and Spirit in me unite
With the Wilt to Infinity

By the Powers from the East
And Mysteries of the Deep
I command in Anubis' Names:
"Thou shalt arise!"

Der Tod kommt auf leisen Schwingen

In these ancient Funeral Chambers
I cast my Spells upon those
Seekers of Immortality

Now let us dwell in the Land of Shadows
As on Khaos Wings we ride
In this Black Magick Night
Death rides on silent Wings

By the Powers from the East
And Mysteries of the Deep
I command in Anubis' Names:
"Thou shalt arise!"

Der Tod kommt auf leisen Schwingen

Die to arise!
Welcome to Spheres
Beyond Mirrors of Blackness

Salute O Satana

Salute O Satana - Deus Vindictae

Salute O Satana - Deus Tenebrarum

Salute O Satana - Deus Lucis

Ecce Corpus Jesu Christi, Dominus Humilim et Rex Servorum

Ave Dominus Satanas Deus Potentiae!

Under Astral Tyranny

Cosmic Chaos designs another Birth
Of the Luciferian Principle
Spawn of Venus in Attack
Thou art to the World a raging Storm
Aeons end, Aeons begin
He is the One to call

Mountains drown and Churches fall
In Earthquake and Deluge
Chained in a Thousand dustfilled Clouds
Sun no longer dares to rise
A World in Darkness drenched
And Silence haunts all Lands...

When the Stars are in their Constellation right
It's Time to pay Tribute to his Might
The Astral Tyranny

Earth now is a Widow veiled in Black
Weeping at Her own Grave
Side by Side with Death

Widely opened are Gehenna's Gates
Like a Virus from Ereschkigal
Myriads of Dead do march
As Army bringing Pain

Jehova see Thy Children fall!

When Stars in Fear do stop their Dance
Not far ahead is that bloody Romance
The Oracle-Goddess preached
As Astral Tyranny

On this bleeding Planet I raise Centuries of Wrath!

My Time - now it is near
This Widow it may take my Hand
When as Messenger of the golden Dawn I ascend
This Principle - it's me!

Bells Of Damnation

I am Bringer of the new Aeon
And this is my Revelation:
Beyond the Abyss I arose
Tempted the World in Sin
Weak Rules of the spiritually Enslaved
My Wisdom has destroyed
Sacrifice on my Altar
And paint the Graves bloodred

Where I was there is Darkness
Where I am there is Light
In a Palace that shines in more Brightness than even the Sun
I gather my Nation to lift up its Swords
Drink from the Chalice, Sacred Ones,
In Lakes of Secrecy now bath

The Witch of Endour, my morbid Concubine,
Seduces even Angels as we reveal the Words divine:
"Another Prophet will arise,
Bringing new Fevers, killing with Plagues
The Lamb will die through his avenging Hand
The Serpent will kiss another Woman
She spreads Temptation
And represents religious Dawn"

Await these Messengers of my Eclipse
For I am the King of Kings
The Spirit who conquers Thy Souls

Purple Tears of exiled Angels
Drip down like raining Blood
And are Wine to me - Wine of Wrath

Now listen to the Secrets old
Bells of Damnation for Aeons have told:
"Eure Seelen sind mein!
Eure Seelen sind rein!"