ANCIENT CEREMONY - Fallen Angel's Symphony

Death In Desire's Masquerade

Death came to me as Maiden
Death came to me as Beast

Venus smiled at us that eerie Autumn Night
Candlelight Banquet in Victorian Halls enflamed my Love for Her
Even Poet's passionate Verses were unable to evoke
a true Description of such tremendous Fierceness
Though appearing as sweet Woman
such a Beauty could not be human
"Art Thou my Destiny?"

Whilst we embraced Moonlight touched Thy soft Lips
Such pale Skin, as white as purest Snow
Wind curled Thy ebony Hair like Vipers on Medusa's Head
Less the Horror than the Grace turned me almost into Stone
Infected with such idolatrous Shape my deepest Dreams came true
These red magic Eyes, like bleeding Flowers
made me Slave to Her
Erotic Kisses under whispering Trees
were my Foretaste of Eden
Melancholia's Fire burnt in highest Flames
when She told me to leave
"Will Thou be mine again, most sinful of all Demons?"

"Encrimsoned Fullmoon is the Sign
when my Spirit shall cover Thine
At the eldest Oak of the Midnight Forest
I'll teach Thee Secrets buried in Stone
and by a Force to Man unknown
I shall never be alone!"

With blind Thirst for that doomy Hour
I wandered through my Days like (in) Trances
Tears of Blood stole from Moon's Eyes and were Omen to me
Bats haunted deep nightly Woods
whilst we kissed again in fierce Nocturnal Embrace
Love-drunken Slumber led me away from Mortal's sighing World

"Awake now to face my real Countenance!"

Thus to me spake Azrael in the Robe of godlike Beauty

"Hades sent His loveliest Angel
to grant Thee Expiration divine!"

Death came in Desire's Masquerade

Bride's Ghostly Grace

"Where Love is denied
fatal Passion may shine bright"
Like to me in this destinuous Night

Visions granted by the Sphere of Dreams
Unearthly Desire
Whilst entering the Castle Halls
Magnificent Whisper welcomes me
As Bride's ghostly Grace is unveiled
the Courtain of my Tragedy opens

Sweet Choirs like the Tunes of Paradise
She spreads Bewitchment with Her magenta Eyes
and Darkside Kisses poison me
Oh Eternity, I long for Thy Caress
Speak to me in golden Tongue

"My Love once was denied
now Thee all feel my Hate and Pride"
for I seduce and kill with Delight

Ethereal Embrace
my Tears are Diamonds to Her
This lovelost Spirit dines on my Soul
Now dance with me like dead Leaves in Autumn-Wind
I adrift... the cold Arms of Death await
Now dance with me like the Stars around the Moon
Bride's ghostly Grace

"Where Love was denied
Thousands for their Lifes have cried"
as She haunts without Mercy the Night

Black Roses On Her Grave

A Requiem to the most ardent witnessed Beauty
Bloody Baroness, Thine is my Heart eternally!
Destiny led us together
Destiny took Thee away, oh Phantom of my Dreams
Thy spooky Fancy now seems lost to me
Awaked by feverish Screams
my Nights bath me in Lust and Desire
Suck - ubus Copulation, exploding dying Stars

"Bring to my Grave a black Rose
whenever mighty Death chose
to take me at His Hand!"

My lovely Mistress, may I fullfil those sensual Words
Thou whispered to me fairy-like as perpetual Testimony:
"Per Disciplinam meam Tenebrae videbis"

"Desdemona in this Grave doth sleep
Darkside Secrets She doth keep
bring to Her Roses, black as Night
to make Her Thy demonic Bride!"

Gravestone unveils this mystic Script
ghostlike it is carved in
Temptating me for Orgasms with the Dead

"Desdemona in this Grave doth sleep
Darkside Secrets She doth keep
bring to Her Roses, black as Night
to make Her Thy demonic Bride!"

Devil's Paradise

The Devil sings a Song
for superior Children, Darkness'own
seduces them as Worshippers
for His Paradise beyond
A fierce Hadit Kiss

I am the Flame in the Heart of Man
The Knowledge of Death
Beauty and Strength as Weaponry,
thus my Force and Fire
Pleasure of the secret Serpent
to let the Weak die in Misery
Divine Embrace and eternal Ecstasy
in this golden bridal Eyes
The Magic of glorious Stars rains down
an Expiration sweeter than Death

"Love one another with burning Hearts
on the Weak trample in the fierce Lust of Thy Pride
on the Day of Wrath"

Be Thou proud and mighty
and strive ever to more!
The Slaves shall serve
and perish in their Veil of Sorrow

(There is no Truth except for
"Do what Thou wilt...")

This is the Law of the Strong
and the Joy of our World

"Liebet einander mit brennenden Herzen
und trampelt auf den niederen Menschen
in der wilden Lust Eures Stolzes
am Tage Eures Zorns!"

I usurp my innermost Throne
crown myself as King
in the Devil's Paradise

The Tragedy Of Forsaken Angels

The Tragedy of forsaken Angels
A Drama full of dismal Grief
once there was Peace in Paradise
in heavenly Solitude they might dwell
but bitter Tears dropped out ethereal Eyes
Chains of weak Obeydiance made them turn to Hell

Proud Satan, Thy Revolt unveiled
sweet Nectar of Aphrodite's Womb
How could Delight be Sin?
Rebelling Angels thus darkly seduced
Initiation of new Eden
and Astarte rules supreme
in purest Phoenician Passion
Ramiel descends
Icon of empyreal Temptation
Daughters of Men, drunken of Eros
offer fruitful menstrual Wine
Bridal Lust, Intercourse, decadent Desires
Even Jehova's Plague here can't opress
Secrets of orgiastic Shrine
A sanguinaire Sacrifice under the Seal of Virginity
Fountain for Sodom's mighty Gods

...but where there is Darkness there has to be Light
the Cherubim remember, the Seraphim fright

"How art Thou fallen from Heaven,
Lucifer, Son of the Morning?"
the Army of white Angels laughs

"This darkly singing Nightingale
sounds sweeter than Thy Prayers to me!"

Amidst Crimson Stars

Silently the Moon fulfills Her Move
amidst lovely crimson Stars
He (She) who has Wilt will reach the Gate
through the Moon, through me, through the proud Angel

Now Silence ends, lunar Beauty ascends
in charming morbid Glance

The Kiss of Isis, as sweet as Honey
leads me into a World beyond
In bloody Triumph I found my Wilt
Here I rule as my only God

Glory to Thee who gleams like Jewels
from Alpha to Omega
May none fall who desires
the Sword, the Balance, the Crown!

Babalon Ascends

Visions draw before my Eyes
She rides the Dragon in Fire and Gold
A new Aeon shall arise
Scarlet Woman whispers Secrets untold
Babalon ascends

By the seven Highpriests of Kadesh
Jerusalem shall fall
Creatures damned in long forgotten Times
storm forth to cover the Skies ebony
Sun is painted in deepest Black
whilst Heaven seems to die
Lunar Mistress empowers us with all Her bloodred Glance
Caine's Children born as Dragon's Seed
A new Lilith Pregnancy
Ready to rapture the Earth and the Seas
now bless the Prophet of the darkest Star
Most precious Gift to the Altar of Thine
is Blood of the Weak, offered like Wine
Our Seal of Revenge is broken, the Slaves in Fear all flee
Their dying Screams - a Lovesong to our Tyranny

"Once I inspired the Judas Kiss
now resurrected from the deepest Abyss
Drink from my Chalice, the Origin of Sin
and in Triumph and Glory we shall win!"

Enlighten me, oh Demon Whore
engulf me in Thy Magic
to spread the Crown of Daath
through Iadnah Mad
Mighty Empress of my Dreams
wed me as Khaos Bride
Flowers of Evil decorate our Bed
in the Temple of the Serpent
The Gate of God decays
whilst I kiss jewel-covered Breasts
Never a Prophecy was fulfilled with deeper Wilt
Unite with me in proud Supremacy
to bring back the Treasures once Ours
The Slumber under holy Reign - a Myth now of the Past
Beloved Babalon, Mother of Cruelty
Thy Wisdom devours all Religion
New Aeon has begun!

Symphoni Satani

Canto IAO

Satani - Illuminatio!
Satani - Absolutio!
Satani - Obscuratio!


Satani - Seduce me!
Satani - Awake me!
Satani - Temptate me!
Satani - Adopt me!
Satani - Navigate me!
Satani - I am Thee!

Vampyresque Weddingnight

Dismal Winternight's Embrace
paints Scenarios of snowcovered Graves
Oh what Solitude in this mystic Presence of the Dead
Through the Shadows of naked Trees
bright silvery Moonlight forms Her fierce Silhouette
An ardent Aura of bewitching Beauty
Nocturnal Princess ascends
Icon of Sin, darkened Dreams made Flesh
Graveyardstatues scream for leaving marblestoned Shell
to clasp at least one single Kiss of her lovely crimson Lips

"Fallen from God's Grace I am the dark Angel to catch Thee
In my Veins I carry Treasures of what Paradise might be"

Drink my Blood to taste my Love!
Taste my Blood and drink my Love!

Seducing me with all Thy corrupt Passion
deepest wolfish Desires awake

I lost my Heart to Her, a Rose portrayed by sombre Artist's Hand
I gave my Soul to Her, a Star kissed with cosmic Fire

"Thou drank my bridal Wine,
now let me come upon Thee!"

Erotic Funeral for my mortal Soul
Lust and Death unite to a grotesque Romance
in our Vampyresque Weddingnight
Celestial Choirs perform decadent Chants
Orchids rain from black Skies
Maidens dance in voluptuous Embrace
charming us with ecstatic Rite
in our Vampyresque Weddingnight