ANCIENT CEREMONY - Cemetary Visions

Cemetary Visions

Why did you go? Why?
As my Feet step down on this Place of Coffins
Desperation is my Leader
Surrounded by the Whispering of Immortal Souls
Tears, in Black, falling down to the Ground
like Flakes of Snow did in this Night,
the Night you went away
Melancholic Thirst for
Cemetary Vision of my Love

Oh Love, my Love
Life, my Life
became so worthless
since you're gone
So I call
forth your Soul
Screams in Necromantic
Hallucinative Begging
Now you rise!
Contoures start painting your Picture
Dream or Reality?!
I see you smile
As I aim for your Hand
Emptieness fades me away
My Decision is sealed
Cemetary Vision of my Love

We will find Peace when I'll paint
the Picture of the rising Moon - in my own Blood
Audite denuo vota mea, custodes animarum
Devotio simul redemptio absolutioque erit
Venite nomine Adonai, Zebaoth, Adonai, Amioram!
Accipite me, vitam meam, animan meam!

The God And The Idol

Time before the Earthquake
Sun has Darkened
No Star is shining
all Light compensed by Him
Suffering on your Cross
naked and alone
left by all your Friends
Despair consumes you
"Eloy, Eloy, lemah zamahtani?"

But there is no Answer
in Darkness creates Anti-God
His Throne is of black Clouds
carrying Him to the Cross
Shiva has risen
it's Him, the Destructor

"Whom do you call for?
It's only you and me
Your eternal Opposite
You tried to terminate Hate
but it became your Spawn
your Creature crucified you
this Creature it is me
outborn of your Hate!
You taught to love Enemies
Love me, your worst one!
Love me, I am your God!
See I am your Father!"

Declaring Love to Him:
"Father into thy Hands
I command my Spirit!"
Earth is now enlightened
"It is fullfilled!"

Choir Of Immortal Queens

Trapped in this Wood full of Fog
Raven leads me away
arriving at the abandoned Place,
an Altar, wonderful Ornaments

Flowers of all Colours and Beauties
in Centre the Statue of a Black Goat
A Number of Women
counting three times four, twelve

Holding all at their Hands, nude, one with Nature
Dancing round the Altar, whilst they sing:
"Eko Eko Asarak
Eko Eko Somelak
Eko Eko Gananas
Eko Eko Arada"

I feel as the Power
floats through their Bodies
Raven tells me:
Witchcraft - black,
white - to be Immortal!

An Ode To The Moon

When the Moon hides behind grey-misty Clouds,
get yourself into the Mood - and rise!
To meet the Ancient Ones!