AMSVARTNER - The Trollish Mirror

The Trollish Mirror

Fade Away Fade Away
My Life Has Slowly Faded Away
Once I Was A King
With A Crown Bestowed Upon My Head
But The Power of The Mirror Possessed Me
And Took My Life Away

As I Walked Through The Entangled Forest
I Could Feel The Presence
As If Someone Watched Over Me
And Noticed Every Step I Took

A Seductive Flow of Emotions
Floated Through My Veins
And Then I Saw The Reflection
I Was There on The Other Side
I Gazed Into The Depths of The Mirror
Seeming To Me Like A Blur
But Then It Made Sense
It Was The Future

Fade Away Fade Away
The Zest of Life Slowly Fades In The Haze
My Mind I Mesmerised
I Don't Feel The Chill Inside
The Real World Is Dull And Gray
But That's Insignificant To Me

The Future Is Foretold
Filled With Power And Success
A Land Wealthy And To Me Grateful

Fade Away Fade Away
The Grief Inside Burns With A Hellish Blaze
The Anguish I Feel Towards Life
The Beauty That Was Torn Apart
I'm Locked Inside This Withering Maze

Trying To Survive A Life of Agony And Depress
The Captive Life Is Held With The Castle Walls
I Am Torn From A World That Held
The Sparkling Life In Her Womb
So Warm And Lovely
But I'm Sent To Coventry

Underneath The Thousand Years Gate

Mist The Breath of The Ocean
Underneath Is The Thousand Year Gate
Break The Seals Rise From The Seas
Caress Me With Your Winter Breath
The Storms Over Open Seas
Rages The Bleeding Black Ocean
Rise To Eternal Reign
This World of Pure Hate

Riot In Heaven's Vault
As The Lamb Break The Seas
A Thousand Years of Darkness
And I'm The King of Lore

When The Light Has Fallen Forever
I'll Be The one With The Lords of Nightfall
Together We Rule Dusk And Dawn
In our Newborn Universe

I See The Mournful Moon
Turn To Bleeding Red
Echoes From A Distant Past
As The Thousand Year Gate Unlock
Release The Ride of Storm
Dispawn of Evil
Gather Your Force
Summon Your Strength

Mankind Is Embraced With Fear
My Hatred Points The Heavens Vault Back
The Angels Weep And Cry
Their Pain is My Desire
Let The Chant of Angel's Suffering
As They Gasp For Their Last Breath
We Crush Their Palace Into Dust

Lords of Nightfall Nightshift In Eternal
Forever We Rule This Bleeding Dying Universe
No Mercy Shall Be Shown
The Words of Apocalypse Have Been Spoken

Give Me Your Life
And You'll Live Eternal
In our World So Cold

Alive But Still Dead
We Banish The Living World
No More Forced To Live
By The Laws of christ
In our World He Is Dead Forever
Forever Nor To Live Again

We Are The Lords of Nightfall
We Are The Riders of Storm
We Are The Knights of Evil
We Are The Masters of Wind

We Opened The Gate
And Rose From The Sea
Together We Rule
Our Bleeding Newborn Universe

Embrace Me Lords of Nightfall

Memories Of Faded Kingdoms

Shattered Memories
And Shredded Thoughts
Once In The Northern Wasteland
Life Was A Struggle
Against Sworn Enemies
For Those Who Wear Cross
We Shall Never Surrender
We Are In No Need
Of Thy Shining god

I Deny Thy god
Oh Fool of The Book
Our Life And Belief
Is Written on The Wind
Among Stars In The Sky
We Are one With Universe

Memories of Faded Kingdoms
Once Again I Will See
As I Stand on The Threshold
To All My Dreams/

The Words of Madness Bring Us Sadness
Spread Through Our own Mythology
I Won't Accept It I Defeat Your god
For Now And All Eternity

God Can't Help You Now
On The Day of Damnation
I'll Lurk Among Shadows
The Night Won't Show
When You Reach For The Skies
And Life Drains From You Eternally
Thy Warm Blood
Unites With The Crystal Ice

We Are one With The Universe

The Freezing Gales That Blew That Night
Brought A Hint of Remembrance of Faded Kingdoms
That Everytime We Heard The Wind Blow
It Brought Back A Piece of The Ancient Time
And Awoke our

Memories of My Faded Kingdoms
Once Again I Will See
As I Enter The Threshold
And Beholds Eternity

The Wilderness Of Mind

Sickness Is Growing - Yet Only Health Is Shown
The Whispers Are Enthralling - My Sense Is Clawn
My Personality is Splitting - I Feel Such Pain
Surroundings Twisting - Am I Insane

Plunged Into Oblivion - A Place of Dreams And Thoughts
I'm At The Edge of Darkness - And About To Fall
To A Different Kind of Self Consciousness
I've Lost The Track of Time
In This Spiral of Mind I'm Floating Down

I Don't Need My Body To Exist In This World
And Not Forced To Follow The Stalked Out Road
The Wilderness of Mind
The Madness of Time

At Last I'm Free From The Chain That's Holding Me
I Float Deeper Into The Wilderness of Mind
I Gather Strength Prepared To Go Further Beyond
The Dweller on The Threshold Bestow My Entrance

A Pale Man Held My Hand
And Threw Me Back Into The World of The Damned
I Knew Whar To Await
An When The Journey Was Coming To Its End
I Could See My Life Without End