ABYSSARIA - Beyond The Darklands

Rebellion Of The Damned

After times of desolation
Frozen minds will melt
Our buried souls are rising
The deep fall of heaven

Fallen angels are with me
Their shadows darken the sky
Storms are coming
We will enter a new chapter of time

Beyond damnation of soul
We have left our mortal bodies
We will go everywhere
We will live!

Unhallowed Reflections

The prophecy of their tongues
The announcement of their words
Break away from their embrace

Follow you, follow not them
Follow the way of your mind and soul

Threatened by their believe
Manipulated by their lies
Stop their longing to enslave

I left everything behind
I created my own kingdom
I am the force from below

Follow you and follow not them
Break away from their embrace

Follow the way of your mind and soul
Stop their longing to enslace

Unhallowed Reflections
leading me through the night
Their hateful rejection
show the darkness in their "light"

Forgotten Worlds

Coldness let me perceive my breath
I look around but norhing is here
Nothing but extensive blackfields
A threatened atmosphere lies over the land
where am I?

I awake in forgotten worlds
In which I walked in every dream
And I walk through silent fields
There is no hope - there is no fear

I only hear the ground grating under me
I run - but where? There - a light
I see the angel of death is saving me
But I know I will never come back
this is my world!

Beyond The Darklands

Pain - all I feel is burning pain
I raise from the clear snowy ground
Slowly the dense fog is dissolving
Reeling I see a vast scenery of ice
and snow

All I see is dark
Dead landscapes
Befrosted paths

This cold ominous place seems timeless
The icy winds are carrying howling screams
There's no daylight - only moon shines on the surface
My pale body is sinking back into the snow

And all I see is dark
Dead landscapes
Befrosted paths
I see no light

Captured in this fields of death
Alone in snowy mountain glens
Grey threatening clouds cover the sky
Above my head the ravens fly

Captured in this fields of death
Alone in snowy mountain glens
There's no way out of this gloomy land
My life seems coming to its end...

The spirits will guide me
To eternal life and might
To the kingdom of fire
To my yearned salvation

And I raise my hands
Like burning wings
I will leave this world
I will fly

And I fly...

Mountain Of Dead Souls

As I wander through the night
In shelter of the nocturnal sphere
Full moon shines on my pale skin
Surrounded by the Immortal's screams

Virgin of the night
Under your spell I crawl
Craving for liberation
Longing for eternal darkness

Shine on me, star of the damned
And light my path to find my inner self
Beyond the mortal existence
My body - dead, my soul - alive

Voices of the night
They will guide my way
Through this mystic atmosphere
I feel the spirit of immortality

"And he went to the mountain of dead souls
where he could rest and find new strength
where he could die in peace
die in peace apart the world of fools

He raised his head up to the sky
the cold wind caresses his face
and he thought about the time
when freedom ruled this world..."

Oh great beloved mother
They took your grace away
They snatch away your heart
Slowly they drown your life's light

I tried to keep them away from you
I tried to defend your kingdom
I tried to fight against their vanity
But I failed...