ABYSSARIA - Architecture Of Chaos

Architecture Of Chaos

When the sun at the horizon dies away
and the loneliness awakes
the whole world in its hour of death
I walk the stony path again.
Now I am my own leader
I wretch my life from you
Free from your herd, which follows blind and tries to devour me.

Guided by spirit
In my endless empire
Crawling into infinity
In this endless night

The way is my destination
away from you god of slaves
My sharpened instinct guides me
through this abyss of endless pain.
Only I can pronounce myself guilty, my judge - this is me
I've cutted the strings you hold out of my skin.

Entering the spheres of soul, discovering all secrets you may find
Feeling the despise of this deaf and blind mankind
Irrational created structures procced to hide
The architecture of chaos from inside

The Rising

Integrate into mind's reformation
And create a new age of innocence

Build a state for a lost generation
Last Decade
Soon to Fade
All seems desperate, but it's never too late

Out of the ashes of heaven and hell
we stand close, side by side.
From the deepest depths we shall
rise into the blazing light.

Deprecate all the rules of the father
All once made
And degrade the leaders of ascendence

Interpret metaphors and stigmata
Call of fate
Love & Hate
Celebrate the new beginning

Integrate into mind's reformation
Create a new age of innocence
Build a state for a lost generation
All seems desperate, but it's never too late
Deprecate all the rules of the father
Degrade leaders of ascendence
Interpret metaphors and stigmata
Celebrate the new beginning.

All we see, when barriers fade away: yet unseen territory
All we know: the rising from below leads us into infinity

Before The Dawn

"We all are just moments dissolving in the dust
and we all shall be prepared for the time before the dawn..."

Creations of sickness, insane crowd of fools
Lack of conscience, defiled at heart
Emptiness and madness - unborn child will die
Hopelessness and sadness - humankind's decay

And when the wind blows stronger than before
And rain swamps the saving shore
We fall asleep for the last time since we've been born
A final breath before the dawn

Dominant leaders absorbing human minds,
Terrified failures are made to obey blind
Lifelessness and badness - in the eyes of death
Defencelessness and deadness - mankind's final breath

Total Soul Eclipse

Turning night into day, day into night
Drifting in floods, no bottom beneath

Sinister the waves arround extend
Shatter on black rocks of neverland

Initiating the fusion of sun and moon
Snow falls in summer, dry rain on my skin

Sinister the waves arround extend
Shatter on black rocks of neverland

Strange are the times
When shadows haunt my mind
Total Soul Eclipse
I've lost myself again... and again...

Confusing emotions inside my head
All life's seems to be born dead


Auf der Flucht vor dem Ende der Zeit
Verfolgt von Geistern der Unendlichkeit

Im Innern gebrochen, die Seele zerteilt
Blutendes Herz, doch die Wunde verheilt

Wenn Furcht versiegt, die Fassade zerbricht,
schauen wir auf, erblicken das Licht

"Siehst du das Licht?"

"Suche nicht nur nach der dunklen, kalten Seele,
suche auch das Licht dieser Welt..."