ABIGOR - Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan

Dawn Of Human Dust

A newborn day waits to surrect
But what will cover dawn?
Neither begging nor pleading will find ears
When all the angel hordes have gone to war
For a final twisted dance
A twisted dance into death
Writhe within the emptiness
Writhe because there lurks endless pain
To satisfy our brothers slain
To satisfy our sisters drained in flames
The dark age shall rise again
And ten for one we will revenge what has been done
Bathe in flames to clean your souls
Your silent screams guide your eternal fall
One another you will tear
Your flesh out of your bodies burnt by fear
Now keep your breath and feel inside
Can you feel... itís the time
Is this judgement day?
We feel the signs supporting us
But shall the moonlight bathe again our midnight prayers
To reach the aim weíre longing for
To rise up from the human dust we dwelled this earth
The trust in us and victory 
Drives us against our enemy
Our kingdoms we are dreaming of
And hoping gives us sense to be
So let us bring an end to this
And lead the first hit to the faces
Of the crowds out of the light
For broken now lies all their might
From all directions coming in trembling with fear
The herd of God sentenced to death
I lead the first sword strike to eternity
You cannot flee from certain death
When dawn has come this final day pass with your dying breath

Pandemonic Revelation

A hunger for insanity within illusions infinity
A heart of dreaming ice and burning flesh caught in passion
The ultimate pain shines as a star upon God
And his creation that gaze at the horizon of the dead

A source of tranquility obscure the mind
Paralysed by abyssmal revelations
Endless oceans formed by skulls
Pandemonic outbreaks cause chaos within the universe

Blood for Satan - Tears of God

Lords from beyond fly through the astral skies
From the ashes of buring hell
Satan`s legions rise again
To sweep upon earth in flamesí disguise
Within the gloomy eyes
You always saw the darkness rise

So think about it
Because it`s the last moment you will remember
Forever burning in your mind
The cruel and ruling all consuming unity

Equilibrium Pass By

Obtained is now this crystal throne
That once upon a time unfolded before my inner eye
Extinquished equilibrium 
While I became immortal

Time itself flows through my viens
As I rise my sword in lust for battle
The battle to feed my raging thirst for blood
As my soul reach the plateu of everlasting wisdom
That laid hidden for milleniums - unkown, unseen
For I am the harbinger of a new age
The age that rise between my outstreched arms
As I lick the blood of your flesh
The age that rise as I inhale your dying breath
While the sun and the moon falls down between my fingers - subconscious
Glassy tunnels reveal upon this wisdomís flame

The flame, a shivering mirror that reflects my osseous face
Bloodred are enlightened my bleak eyes that saw worlds crash
Into to the void, the void an empty abyss you call reality
Apokalpyse pass by

As I settle down in the crystal throne to close my eyes
But is this really what I am striving for
An everlasting existence without any challenge
But what`s an assignment for a god of the superior race

Wildfire And Desire

In the ancient tradition of conjuration
To satisfy my bestial urge
I raise blackened magic to the heavens, against the light
So appear and bring forth my desire
Flesh is the slave - my spirit reigns
As naked servant to my rite - enslaved creation
Raging wildfire for ritual soul cremation

No flame burns brighter than desire
Lust and passion, and pain as sinfull gift
Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrolable
Iím the creature set ablaze with Godís despised sin

Grant me irrisitibility - power infinite
Let open up the earth to spew whores
Sexual rites to praise your name
Sitri! Twelveth of the great! Ioa Sabao!

No flame burns brighter than desire
Lust and passion, and pain as sinfull gift
Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrolable
Iím the creature set ablaze with Godís despised sin

Utopia Consumed

Forgive me father for I`ve sinned
I am a child of fire and the master of winds
But I`m still wide awake...

Fingers grip out of my brain
No control - my mind is lame

From the earth up to the trees I hear them calling me
The voices which rides on the breeze

Oh, it`s haunting me - in expectancy for your flesh
But this dream life is the only life - 
An everlasting astral dimension
The dream death is the only death - 
Total destruction of the soul

Within this astral plane I`ll never be the same
Throwing myself at the sky while falling back to the ground
I`m off the earth but no one can hear my painfull sound

I open the doors to the other side and step beyond mortality
Trapped in rage - it burst`s my veins so feel the pain
I breathe your name

It isnít just a nightscape vision painted in blood 
Utopia Consumed!

The dark silhoutes move towards me
As I confess the morbid desire
And I witness all the falling souls consumed

Demon's Vortex

Only one night is missing
But this one will bring the storm that put an end to everything
The sky is still starlit, but if our faith, our desire is forcefull enough
The strings of silence - hushed
The strings of silence - smooth

Within a few hours all signs will read storm

It is true that there exist individuals
Who are never looking prouder
Warliker then the rising of the storm
Many-voiced the singing rises

The air seems to condense
Filled with electric sparks
Starting to fly, to rotate, to spin
To oscillate in the centre of the magical circle
The voices sound higher

Coil-linke circling and narrowing
The light rises faster and faster
(The sound is undescribable)
The voices resemble blowing wind, howling wolves
The silence break hissingly
The storm put on itís strings
The strait looks like a witchís cauldron
Like a hotblooded foaming geysir

The elements are in uproar
Now all signs are stormy
Itís insignia are shining dark ablaze
A shining ablaze from a voilent encounter of sulphur and lead
Everything is out of breath
Everything is beside itself - storm world!

In the shadow of heavy wings
Sorceresses presever
In their fluttering clothes resist the beating weather
That almost tear the garments of our bodies

Flashes in the eye
Endless high pulsating coil
Is rising from the cone 
A magical and miraculous horn 
Of a unicorn whose top gets lost in infinity

Sparks spray, thunders beat, lightnings are inflamed 
That the air is filled with the claps of heavy wings
The apocalyptic wildness of the storm 
Whoís now reigning with a brachial power unleashed despot
The string of the storm!

The storm of hell that never halts there
It drives the ghosts and demons in itís vortex 
Everlasting, for the fatal and glorious return of our master...

Towards Beyond

Through imperial halls of ice
Where I left bloodstained pillars
Resplendent seem these silver walls
Silent phantoms I burn
Towards the emptiness
Towards the gorge

Onwards, onwards... to hell, to hell
I was the could through which angenls fell 
Onwards, onwards... to hell, to hell
I was torture, death and fatal spell

Onwards - through another vortex of colours
To hell - where I left devouring darkness
Onwards - opaque visions I haunt
To hell - impervious seem these delusive lights

My journey begun
As you unveiled my face
As I ripped of my skin
And my demon was roused
Thrones and dominiouns mean nothing to me
As long as I seek the truth
Thus I break man and ice
On my journey towards beyond

Pandora's Miasmic Breath

Melting in the heat
Beloved Succubus I lick your lips in fever dreams

Pandora sweet
Your hot flesh sucks on mine as I flow deep into thee

My bride in red
In lust our souls ablaze scream with the winds of hell

My high priestress of death
Drowned in the seed of doom you spread

You - my blessed grim reaper
Writhing in you brute embarce
You - you breathe miasma
I taste your kiss of pestilence

Pandora - glorious contess of plague and fevers
Tears darken my eyes
Dripping on you naked breast
You lick my flesh
Greying, decaing by your touch, my body wreck
Convulsive grasp
My flesh is striken, shivers run across my skin

I face my death, rape my fading life 
And ride my fevery soul through thunderstorms in Hadesí depths

You - youíre the flesh untamed
I - I face my death unchained